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TWD Story: Run

Discussion in 'Media' started by ThunderDragon3, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. ThunderDragon3

    ThunderDragon3 Member

    Jun 18, 2018
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    Part 2 of TWD Story

    4 weeks later

    Derek's hand turned the knob of his front door, as the dawn sun peeked over the tree tops. Angel held a shovel. She also carried 4 blankets in rolls bound by rope. Goldie had a metal pipe in her hands, and carried a backpack full of food and water. Derek's wife grasped a crowbar. Derek was the only who held a gun, and carried a lightweight tent, backpack with more provisions, and ammo for his M4 that he grabbed.
    "Let's go. Don't be afraid to attack them if need be." Derek whispered, keeping the M4's crosshairs at eye level.
    The family of 4 walked out warily. Smoke was rising from the city in the distance. Atlanta lay in ruins.
    "Where do we go?" Angel asked, gripping the shovel.
    "Not Atlanta. It was full of those... things. Even if the military bombed it. They might bomb the suburbs next... We'll try for... just anywhere. Anywhere safe." He looked around worriedly, then at his family. "We'll go north. See what we can find."
    They went north. After several miles, they stopped in the woods.
    "It's noon." Lily sighed, and took a drink from her water. Trees provided cover from the relentless heat of the sun.
    Derek wrapped his green camouflage jacket up and put it in his pack. His navy blue t-shirt was soaked with sweat. "You decide, do we keep going after a rest, or stop here?"
    "Keep going. We can do it." Goldie stood up and tied back her hair. Angel did the same.
    Derek nodded, and slung back the M4 across his shoulders. "We keep going."
    They eventually reached a road, where they continued. The sun baked asphalt was hot under their shoes.
    "If I had to guess, we're smack dab in the middle of this road. We've gone about 11 miles or so." Lily examined the map, after she wiped her hair out of her face.
    Derek sighed. "It's another 14 miles until we get to the nearest town. Don't know the name of it. We'll stop here for now. It's nearly dusk. Angel, come here and help me set up the tent."
    Angel and Derek quickly put up the tent. It fit five people, or in this case, 4 people and 4 peoples worth of gear.
    Derek saw Angel already working on a fire. She was an adept when it came to chemistry and other science. Sparks were already eating at the kindling and twigs.
    Soon, a small fire was born in the small pit of stone.
    "Good job." Derek smiled, and hugged Angel. "Get some rest."
    Angel nodded and went into the tent. Lily had turned on a small lantern inside the tent.
    Derek heard growling. A walker was coming out of the woods in the other side. He knocked on the tent, and the lantern went out quickly. He put out the fire with a quiet 'hiss'.
    Several more walkers were walking through the woods. Behind them, a dozen more arrived. Behind them were even more. Soon almost 100 were crossing the road.
    Derek threw himself into a ditch and froze. He had the M4 still across his shoulders.
    One walker looked at the tent and growled. Derek took a chance and fired once. It had no effect. He thought about why it didn't work.
    Zombies.... aha! Aim for the head! Derek aimed at the walkers head and pulled the trigger. The 5.56 ammo met its mark, and the corpse fell. Four walkers noticed where the shot came from and started shambling towards him. Derek swore.
    He got up and fired at them. Nearly half the walkers saw him.
    "Derek! No!" Lily ran out of the tent and grabbed the shovel. She bashed a walker's head in and shouted as one approached her.
    Derek shot the walker in the face and grabbed Lily.
    "ANGEL! GOLDIE! Get out! Run!" Derek shouted. He ripped open the tent with the shovel to reveal his shaking daughters.
    They followed him without question, through the night as the walkers followed.

    4 weeks later.

    Derek, Lily and Angel trudged on through the roads. Goldie was carried on a makeshift stretcher of Derek's shirt and blanket. He tore off the sleeves of his jacket to create a vest.
    The walkers were nearly a mile behind. The 4 had lost all track of time. They lost the map and almost all provisions.
    Derek's jacket was open. He was overheating, and losing momentum. The camo green absorbed the sun and made him overheat faster.
    Derek collapsed.
    "No! Dad, wake up! Wake up!" Angel cried as Derek fell. Lily gasped and gently let Goldie's stretcher down. She had carried part of it, and Derek did the other half.
    "Do we have any water, Angel?" Lily turned to her daughter and asked urgently.
    "Very little."
    "Do you need it?"
    "Yes...but he needs it more than I do, mom."
    Lily nodded and took it.. She poured it on a damp cloth, and pressed it to Derek's forehead. His grizzled beard and face was covered in water in minutes.


    Derek blinked. He opened his eyes to a dusky sky. The thunder of a hundred feet pounded across the opposite side of the bridge.
    "Run." Derek gasped.
    They got up, grabbed Goldie and ran.
    A truck blocked their path.
    The lights turned on.
    Gunfire ripped through the air as the bullets collided with the walkers.


    Candles were lit around the room. A man sat inside, sporting short hair and a close cut shadow of a beard.
    "Well, hello. Who might you be?" He leaned forward in his seat, looking at Derek.
    Derek had been stripped of his grey pants and camo vest. He was in a white shirt and tan shorts, sprawled in a hospital bed.
    "Derek... where are my wife and daughters?" His pulse accelerated, wanting to know if his family was safe.
    "Lily, Angel and Goldie are just fine. Yes, I know there names. Beautiful wife. How long you been married?"
    Derek relaxed a little. "Going on six years, we fought maybe once or twice, hardly at all."
    "Lovely. Anyway.. you have any idea of how long you were out there?
    "Since the start."
    "Wow, so two months. You haven't been treated well those two months, either."
    Derek's head was spinning. He had survived for two months. He couldn't fathom it.
    "You're welcome to stay or go. In the mean time, I'll let you get cleaned up and changed." The man stood up and opened the door. A guard was outside.
    "Come take a look outside."
    Derek stood up and walked outside.
    He looked slightly downwards to the stranger. "Where are we?"
    "Welcome to what could be the renewal of society.
    Welcome to Woodbury."

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2019
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