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TMD Revamp

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by ThunderDragon3, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. ThunderDragon3

    ThunderDragon3 Member

    Jun 18, 2018
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    Going off of what CastielCraw said before with the faction update, I have taken the liberty to expand on it a little, and then revamp this game's system in a whole new way. Here's what I think it would look like, anyway.
    1. Factions
    2. Faction Combat / Situations
    3. Dangers
    4. Realism


    1. Factions update (Credit to CastielCraw)
    Another copied idea, well, credited to Castiel. He recently did a faction update idea. I took it to the smaller next level, but now I'm really ramping it up a few notches.

    Groups of players are just, well, groups of players. They can become a team with the /team commands, and become a Faction if they capture a vital place such as Warp or Town. They can also become Factions by claiming a 15 x 15 area of land that has not been claimed yet.
    The goal of a faction is to have complete supremacy over all other factions and the map. This means all locations belong to you or allied factions. Parts of a faction:
    A. Player count - To take control over a large map, you'll need more than just good weapons. You'll need numbers, true to the WD universe. There is no limit to how many people you can have in your faction, but there's a hitch.
    B. Faction resources - Your faction will need resources for your members. This means food, weapons and armor for your members. You will either have to purchase all of this at safe zones or scavenge it all. This is where the numbers come in handy. It depends on how your faction is run, but a good number of players should be dedicated to finding food and equipment. They will deposit these supplies into the Faction Vault (C), and these will be stored for your members till they need it.
    C. Faction Vault - A storage for all your members. Food, weapons and equipment are all stored here for your faction members. You start off with 3 rows of storage, and can unlock another for 300,000 money. Every time you unlock a row, the price increases by 100,000. There is a max of 10 vaults, 6 rows of space each.
    D. Power - This is a big one. Faction power means your faction's claims added up. All factions start with 0 power. They can gain 1 power by claiming a default claim (15x15 in the wilderness).
    F. Power shifts - To earn power, you must claim more land and locations, or defeat enemies. Claiming land earns you 1 power, and takes no power. Defeating an enemy location, depending on the importance to the series, will give you more power.
    Default claim - +1 power / 0 power to capture
    Locations on the map - +2 power / 2 power to capture
    Hilltop, Alexandria, Kingdom, Sanctuary, Junkyard, Oceanside, Prison, Woodbury, Terminus, Hershel's farm, Atlanta - +3 power / 3 power to capture

    Capturing/claiming a camp or farm takes 1 power, and will give you 1 extra power. This power can be used to capture more small locations, or one larger location.
    Keeping your bases connected is key. Without a reliable way to move and rally, some places can be left vulnerable. Find roads that are easily accessible or make routes than you can follow.
    Borders are also involved in these factions. A border of barbed wire or barricades ought to do the trick when it comes to defending your bases. Bridges and large roads are vulnerable areas, so guard them well by posting guards there.

    Losing a claim can be devastating. If your power level goes down enough, you will lose a higher up location due to lack of power. Say you had 7 power. You lose the satellite outpost (-1) and 2 other places. You lose a total of 3 power, and you controlled the Hilltop. You lose the Hilltop as well, by going to 4 power. If you must take down a large and powerful enemy, try taking out some smaller locations first.


    2. Faction Combat / Situations
    Now, we can't have different factions without combat. There are 6 possible types of combat, and 6 possible situations.
    A. Rallies - Rallies can be fortifying or offensive. For a rally, there must be more than 1 faction involved in defense or offense. Fortification rallies are 2 or more factions meeting at one point in order to reinforce the location's firepower. Offensive rallies are 2 or more factions preparing to assault a location. Offensive rallies are often used to take down well armed targets.
    B. Defenses - defenses are you guarding your location or base against an enemy. Simple enough.
    C. Sieges - Sieges are 1 or more factions attacking a location. To successfully lay take a location, you must destroy the faction's banner. If a faction only controls a location, the faction loses the place. If it is the faction's home base, then the faction loses all controlled locations, and loses that location as well. They only disband if decidedly so by the leader.
    D. Skirmishes - Skirmishes take place if groups of different factions find each other away from a location they control. This is only if they decide to engage in combat.
    E. Battles - Battles are larger scale skirmishes, or two factions fighting over an uncaptured location. These are normally rather large, often involving most of the faction. It is not recommended to enter a battle unless your faction power exceeds 8.

    A/F. Wars - Wars can be a form of combat or a situation. Declaring war on another faction will result in all out combat until 1 side is defeated or a Peace Treaty is signed. A war is a very large scale combat situation, most often very powerful factions engaged in a fight or several allied factions against others.
    B. Recon Mission - Recon missions are scouting missions, getting a sense of your enemy's numbers or searching for nearby foes.
    C. Supply Runs - Searching for weapons and ammunition, but if you are smart, you'll find a place with food and equipment for your base, such as the Sanctuary.
    D. Negotiations - Oh no! Your supply run team was careless and was captured by your enemies! What do you do? Negotiate a trade. In this case, it is a hostage situation. Maybe your foes want food and weapons. Worst case scenario is they want you to surrender. If you don't, they kill your people. But if they do, that affects your faction's KD. Choose wisely.
    E. Peace Treaty - A peace treaty can be used to end a war, or declare neutrality with another faction (you're not their ally or enemy)
    F. Alliance - Team up with another faction and add power to your faction. Allying with a faction adds half their power to your power and vice versa, making you stronger.
    The image below represents a TMD faction map.

    3. TMD is currently somewhat dangerous for new players, and can catch even the vets off guard. But what if it was even more dangerous? More walker spawn rates could really ramp up the danger. A few realistic senses of danger:

    A. Gunshots attract walkers - If you fired a gun, that sound would be heard from pretty far off. Walkers would end up coming near the noise and finding you.
    B. Rare equipment - No one walked into that gun store and easily found guns and weapons. I suggest making everything from guns to food to flashlights rare. Things would be a lot harder and more true to TWD.
    C. Too many walkers - If you are hiding in a tiny shack surrounded by walkers, good luck surviving. Too many walkers will be able to crush things like glass, doors and (like hundreds of walkers) stone and metal.
    D. Infections, bones and blood - to cure a bite, you need to find a very rare item... the Cure. It is a small syringe with a 1 in 2 chance of fixing the infection. Nothing else will save you.
    If you fall too far down, you've broken your legs! Congrats. You will have slowness II and nausea until you heal it with a splint and bandages.
    You've been shot and are now bleeding. Bandage yourself up or you'll bleed to death! 1 heart of damage every 5 seconds.
    E. Very dangerous nights - Picture walking out of your base just as night falls. The eerie shadows sit on the forest floor, distant moans are heard from walkers. Whispers in the night proclaim that you do not belong. -- The night should be very dangerous. Whisperers are more likely to be found, higher spawn rates and…
    F. Stuff that breaks - Your flashlight is on 100% power. Keep it on too long, though, and it will run out of battery.
    Use this plugin and your flashlight’s glow will only reach so far. Night vision is too unrealistic. Maybe your gun has jammed, too.

    4. Realism
    Now, some people, like myself, love realism. And some, do not. This is why I propose a PVP and PVE realism server, set up like this:

    TMDPVP-1 [Current PvP style]
    TMDPVE-1 [Current PvE style]
    TMDC-1 [Original PvP, spam pains]
    TMDPVP-2 [Realism PvP]
    TMDPVE-1 [Realism PvE, roleplay]

    This way, everyone gets a style of play they'd like. The current PvP/E, C, and test P/E. A few realistic ideas:

    A. Explosive damage
    How about instead of just the cool sound and look, explosives actually damage stuff? This would make raiding and sieging way more interesting. A 4x4x4 crater with a few flames would work well. The flames eventually go out. The server would reset every 72 hours or so, restoring the damaged areas. But making explosives and RPGs very rare would result in less spamming the items and overall map damage.
    B. Sound radius
    Fix the sound radius of these guns. In YomNetwork, a gun can be heard from almost 200 blocks away. Something a little like this:
    Pistols - 75 block radius
    SMG - 75 block radius
    Rifle - 100 block radius
    Shotgun - 150 block radius
    Sniper - 180 block radius
    Crossbow - 10 block radius
    Explosion - 200 block radius

    The main one was the factions, but I think I'm done with this now. So long!
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  2. ThunderDragon3

    ThunderDragon3 Member

    Jun 18, 2018
    Likes Received:
    This is a TMD faction map that I came up with, seeing as the one I had may have not loaded..
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