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[Official] The Mining Dead Tutorial

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _Nickk, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. _Nickk

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    Mar 12, 2016
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    The Mining Dead

    First off, welcome to The Mining Dead. Enjoy your stay!

    This is a tutorial on the basics of the server, and will help you settle in and enjoy! It will cover the majority of the important aspects of the game, as well as the commands, helpful tips, and gameplay.

    Before playing, you should decide if you want to play on PvP servers or our PvE servers. PvP servers have PvP enabled, whereas PvE servers have PvP disabled. I recommend new players should start on PvE servers to get a grasp of the server. Also, if you're into roleplay, PvE is for you!

    We offer a total of 7 The Mining Dead servers for you to play on, 4 offer PvP and 3 offer PvE. You can select a server using the compass in the hub.

    Here is a list:

    PvP Servers

    PvE Servers

    Basics & Things You Should Know

    So what do I do?
    Well, you will first spawn in a small room with a tutorial. Start off by walking through and reading, then either type /play or /spawn. /play will warp you to a random location on the map, and /spawn will take you to the spawn area.


    - Kits

    TMD offers a variety of kits, 6 of which are free, and can be accessed through /kit. A kit contains essential weapons, food, and other useful items that you spawn with, which can help get you on your way. Browse through the kits on the top row and choose the one that matches your playing style. For example, if sniping suits your fancy, the sniper kit is for you! More advanced kits cost real money but contain more useful items that will jump-start your adventures.

    - Gathering Items
    Chests are hidden in towns throughout the map, and contain all types of loot, such as guns, food, water, armor, etc., and play a key role your survival. Scouring towns for loot is an important part of the gameplay!

    - Fighting
    In order to stay alive, you must be able to fend off other players and zombies successfully. Also, killing other players means you can obtain all of their loot, sorting out better weapons, food, and other important gear. Team up with friends, create teams with fellow players, secure and defend a location, and battle others for glory! Keep in mind, spending a lot of time in a place means more walkers will spawn, so learn how to deal with them effectively and be on your way!

    Combat: If you are using a scoped gun, left-click to open the scope interface, which will zoom in and provide a crosshair for aiming. Aim and right-click to shoot your gun. Hitting 'q' or your drop item button will manually reload your gun, however, guns will automatically reload if the clip runs out.

    - Hunger/Thirst
    Hunger and thirst are two of the most important aspects of the game, as you will die if they run out. Just like vanilla Minecraft, eat food to fill up your hunger bar, and drink bottles of water to refill your thirst meter.

    Your thirst meter is your XP bar, and starts at 100, then slowly drains to 0. When it reaches 0, you will slowly take damage until you drink again or die. Note: One bottle of water will fill your meter all the way up. If you have an empty water bottle, right-click on a water source with it in your hand to fill it up, and store it for later!

    Food can be found in chests or you can hunt animals for it. Use coal, which can also be found in chests scattered throughout the map, to cook raw meat you received from killing the animals to cook food in a furnace. Furnaces can be found in most buildings and houses on the map. Fishing nets can be found in chests and you can right-click on a water source to fish.

    - Safezones
    Safezones act as safe havens, where players can take a break from gameplay and relax. Walkers cannot attack you, and PvP is disabled. Safezones also have a few other features which are important to gameplay.

    So how do I get there?
    One way to teleport to a safezone is through spawn by using the command /sz. This will bring up an interface giving you the option to warp to a few safezones. Clicking on it will instantly teleport you to a safezone. Note: It costs $100 to warp to a safezone, so choose wisely.

    Another way to enter is using the command /sz e when you're near a safezone. Keep in mind compass do not track safezones, so you'll have to navigate your way. A message should pop up on your screen notifying you're near a safezone, and you can just /sz e from there.

    Purchasing items
    Once you're inside the safezone, you can purchase items, food, and other gear from the NPC's. NPC's are dressed up as some of The Walking Dead characters and are located around the safezone so you may need to look around for them. Each one sells seperate items for a given price.

    Rick - Guns
    Eugene - Ammo
    Daryl - Tools
    Maggie - Food & Water
    Carol - Explosives
    Michonne - Melee
    Hershel - Medical Supplies
    Glenn - Armor

    Vaults are the enderchests near the gates in the safezones. They are useful for storing precious items and other things for later. Multiple vaults can be purchased with real money for more storage.

    Crates are located on the slab pedestal in the safezones. This is where ranked players can claim their monthly bonuses and everyone can open crates, which have rare items. If you vote, you will receive a total of five voting crates, which can be saved up for better crates, containing higher level loot, or used. Skulls can be used to purchase rare, godly, and legendary crates, which contain OP loot.

    - Exploring
    Exploring is another game mechanic which can actually prove to be quite entertaining. Grab some food, /map, and explore the map, finding cool locations and perfect places to set up camp. Explore with friends or even your team, and get to know the map. This is useful for fighting against other teams and setting up wars in a location.

    - Teams
    Tired of dying in 2v1's or even 3v1's? A team is for you! Gang up with players from around the server, maybe even players you know in real life, and have fun together. Featuring a separate chat only read by team members, team commands, and more, this is perfect for players who want to participate in wars.

    Wars are normally called by a team in a specific location, whether it be Atlanta, the Prison, etc., where multiple teams come to fight for gear and dominance. It's best to have a good team with you to ensure a good fight!

    - Help! I've been bitten by a walker!
    Zombies are very dangerous on the server, and if you are hit, you have a chance of being bitten in the arm or leg. If not amputated shortly after (done by shifting and right-clicking simultaneously with a sharp weapon), you will die of fever. If you have been bitten in the arm or leg and continue to be attacked, a zombie will finally bite you in the neck. This will cause you to take damage until you die. Thankfully, antibiotics can be used to prevent an infection if you are bitten, and you will no longer have to amputate. You can use antibiotics by right-clicking with the bottle in your hand, and a message on your screen should announce: "You have used an antibiotic." Prostetic legs can be used to prevent the slowness effect from amputating a leg.

    - Trading with a partner
    We have a trading plugin on the server which allows players to trade items, money, and other gear with each other in a safe way. An easy way to start a trade with another player is right-clicking while shifting on another player next to you. This will open up the trading interface. Notice the items you put in are on the left, and the items your partner puts in are on the right. Money can be added to the trade by clicking on the '$' sign in the top left corner. Click the amount of money you would like to add to the trade. Then, when you're finished adding your items, click the lock on your side of the interface, which will lock your items in the trade. Next, your partner will click his lock, locking his items into the trade. Finally, click the green checkmark if you're satisfied with your partner's offer, and he will do the same. His items will automatically appear in your inventory, and vice versa.

    - Money & Stats
    Money can be earned in-game by killing walkers and selling gear. Money is used to trade with other players and buy items from the NPC's in the safezones. Each time you kill a walker, you will receive $10. You can also sell items to other players for money, and use the money you make to buy yourself some good-quality gear.

    You can check your statistics using /stats. This will pull up a list of your balance, player kills, player kill-death ratio, walker kills, walker kill-death ratio, and total deaths. It should look something like this:

    Money: 813,412
    Player Kills: 6854
    K/D Ratio: 8.68
    Walker Kills: 34967
    Walker K/D Ratio: 44.26
    Deaths: 790


    This is a list of the useful commands we have on the server, as well as the ranks that have access to them:

    Site Commands:
    /website (gives you a link to the website)
    /vote (gives you the voting links)
    /rules (gives you a link to the rules page)
    /map (gives you a link to the map)
    /apply (gives you a link to apply for helper)
    /report (gives you a link to report a player)
    /appeal (gives you a link to appeal your punishment)
    /buy (gives you a link to the shop)

    Spawn Only:
    /kit (choose a kit)
    /sz (teleport to a SZ)
    /tutorial (go to the tutorial)
    /warp (warp to a city *Donators*)
    /play (teleport to a random location)

    /stats (used to check your own stats of the stats of another player)
    /team (used for joining and creating teams)
    /server (used to quickly change between servers)
    /tpaccept (accept a tpa request *only donators can tp*)
    /sz e (used to enter a sz if your within 150 blocks of it)
    /suicide (commit suicide)
    /msg (message a player)
    /r (reply to a message)
    /help (shows a help screen)
    /textures (download the textures)
    /trash (used to delete stuff *works like a trashcan*)
    /removescope (removes invisible scopes from your inventory)
    /nextrefill (tells you when chests will refill again)
    /getserver (same as /find)
    /find (find a player)
    /bal (shows your balance)
    /pay (pay someone with your money)

    /thirst (fills your thirst bar)
    /tpa (tpa to another player)

    /feed (fills your hunger bar)

    /tpahere (tpa a player to you)
    /needs (fills your hunger and thirst)

    /near (shows you all players in a 200 block radius)

    /heal (heal yourself completely)

    Have Fun!

    Now that you have read the tutorial, I bid you farewell on your Mining Dead journeys and I hope you have a blast!

    Thank you to AtresMortes for putting together this nice tutorial!
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
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