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Infinite Money

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KoalaKooki, Nov 21, 2018.


Do you think that Infinite Money should be nerfed?

  1. Yes, infinite money should be nerfed.

    2 vote(s)
  2. No, infinite money should not be nerfed.

    16 vote(s)
  1. KoalaKooki

    KoalaKooki Member

    Sep 30, 2017
    Likes Received:
    So, I'm not sure if everyone knows, because I believe it is quite rare, but in TMD, there is a perk called infinite money. You have infinite money to buy from npc's, however you can not use it to trade with players. I've heard that there may be a limit per month, but I haven't experienced one yet. I think that it is a nice perk to have, but it can be a little bit overpowered. I mean, I can die, go back to a savezone, and buy full riot gear, full teir 4, and an inventory full of painkillers, for free. I can also gear anyone I want, with that same stuff. There will be a sceenshot attatched to this thread. I think that maybe it should be nerfed a little bit, so that it is not to overpowered. I don't actually want the staff to do anything because of this thread, I just want to know if people think it should be nerfed or not. Please give your oppinion in the poll.

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  2. JBentley694

    JBentley694 Builder

    Jul 16, 2016
    Likes Received:
    We have tried multiple times to Nerf infinite by giving it a cap to only 200k-500k per 24 hours but sadly each time we did it it only angered players more and I agree we shot ourselves in the foot with introducing infinite long ago but it's here now.
    However I think it may be possible once tmdop is up and running that a cap can be put on infinite to the other servers to help create more realism.
  3. mindblaster007

    mindblaster007 Member

    Jan 16, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Isn't infinite getting removed from TMD-PVP and moving to TMD-OP?
  4. GodClaps

    GodClaps Member

    Dec 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Dude I personally spent 100+ us dollars on legendary crates and finally got infinity so u better not take it away
  5. Kendrq

    Kendrq Member

    Dec 3, 2016
    Likes Received:
    You're a TMDC player, so you'll still have your infinite over there. It is, however, removed from TMDPVP and TMDPVE.
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  6. KoalaKooki

    KoalaKooki Member

    Sep 30, 2017
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    I have one question, will it still be possible to get infinite money from crates on tmd, or is that permanently removed?
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  7. Rejante

    Rejante Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I'm quite certain on TMDC infinite money is still accessible- but on TMDPVE/PVP it should not be.
  8. Rattler_

    Rattler_ Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Rejante is correct, Infinite money has been removed entirely from TMDPVP and TMDPVE, you will no longer be able to receive is from crates in those servers. If you had it previously it has been moved to TMDC along with your vaults and inventory.
  9. ATK_AlphaPVP

    ATK_AlphaPVP Member

    Jan 7, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I will repost it here because no one really pay attention to my first post
    I posted this on the last update havoc mc post
    First, i want to say that i like realism tmd so , i should like this update right ? no spam pains anymore, jugg nerfed yeah cool
    But now i will repost what i said

    ""Nice i spend money to play tmd with infinite money, and no, infinite money removed , yeeah nice thanks havoc
    I know infinite money is on tmd classic , but i don't like tmd classic, come on, when i put money in the game to get infinite money, that was for all servers , no matter if you play tmd pvp/ without pvp/ tmd op/ tmd/ tmd classic/ or whatever you can call tmd, no matter the way of playing the mining dead.
    So, you can't like realist tmd and use Inf? really ?, and seriously, Old 1.7 map ? the current map is good
    And in general , I don't like the idea of splitting the community again, the community currently is very small
    But hey, who cares about what i think, I mean Og community wanted old map, old pains, old everything , they got it, everyone is happy yay""

    I was right no one replied to me (no staff at least)
    Hey havoc, you know that infinite money is the main thing that peoples want , the main thing that players need, when players put money in the game, when they buy legendary crate, they want infinite money, they don't care about getting a golden barret or a spass12, infinite money is the best things you can get, and you guys remove it for the half of the community, because you finally decided to use your brain, so you were like "Uh infinite money isnt realist let's remove it huhu.." but it's to late !! you can't just remove it
    i think removed it from the legendary crate and make impossible to get infinite money is a better idea
    let me explain, player with infinite money on tmd pvp don't loose their inf (there are pretty rare, almost every infinite money player are on tmd classic) and that make infinite money almost removed, except that player who already have inf, they don't lose it
    So that make everyone happy
    player without inf wont get rekt because Inf almost removed, player who already have inf did not put money in the game for nothing

    But again why should we care about what i think, Og community got everything they want
  10. Cat_Squirrel_Inc

    Cat_Squirrel_Inc Member

    Jul 28, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Infinite money is still a thing, bud. Just not on PVP or PVE anymore because they have an economy now (you can sell loot--> infinite money would break that). TMDC has infinite money, still, as it is much more fast paced, caters to OGs, and is more war-pvp oriented.
  11. Shadowhab

    Shadowhab Member

    Apr 30, 2018
    Likes Received:
    You can still get Inf on PVP and PVE, it just doesn't work there. And if you get inf for a second time, third time etc, you still get the million
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