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Health Pack

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Fiery_Aura_210, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Fiery_Aura_210

    Fiery_Aura_210 Member

    Jun 24, 2020
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    I don't know about anyone else but no one in my group uses health packs, they are nothing but wastes of space with only one taking up an inventory space. My thought is if you allowed them to stack it would bring some use to them, even if only up to 16. Or if they replenished food as well instead of just health. Maybe not all hunger but maybe the amount of a steak or something. Not sure if this is doable because of saturation problems or because the item is a textured cake but if it is this would make med kits actually useable and very nice to have. Even if the health it replenished was lowered to account for the food it would be replenishing it would still help instead of having a useless item in the game.
  2. xHobbes

    xHobbes Member

    Sep 30, 2016
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    Medkits are useful if you’re in a stalemate, or after you just killed someone that was alone. I agree though, I think they should be the item that cures infection, and antibiotics get removed.
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  3. mindblaster007

    mindblaster007 Member

    Jan 16, 2018
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    Just wound like to point out... when you use one the texture has all the different meds inside of it. My suggestion is to make have a six second use time, and have a one and a half minute cool-down like syringes. However, it would give you the effects of all the meds. The usage and cool-down times are just an example and can be adjusted accordingly.
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