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Apr 23, 2021
Apr 26, 2020
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I dirt. Dirt good. Dirt friend. Jul 13, 2020

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Apr 23, 2021
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      I dirt. Dirt good. Dirt friend.
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    I Dirt. Dirt good. Dirt friend

    If anybody wants to hire me as a personal Dirt feel free
    Dirt packs:
    Dirt standard, includes 1 single use Dirt, $1.99 per hour
    Dirt deluxe, includes 1 multi use Dirt, hat and necklace included, $4.99 per hour
    Dirt gold edition, includes 1 multi use Dirt, hat and necklace included, with golden deagle (show purposes only), plus medkit and crossbow ammo, $9.99
    Dirt multi pack, includes 2 single use Dirt, $2.99 per hour
    Dirt variety pack, includes Grass and Podzol edition Dirt (Podzol dirt bilingual in both English and German). $19.99 per hour
    Dirt commander pack, includes 1 multi use Dirt with jugg boots and customisable hat, plus new catchphrase, 'Dirt not friend' can be ordered by owner to strike fear into the heart of the enemy during battle. Edition includes complex language and punctuation. $49.99 per hour

    Dirt extra edition can be purchased with each individual edition. Includes extra Dirt with complex language and customisable T-shirt. $14.99 per hour

    Pre order your Dirt now!
    You'll be the envy of the Berx in no time!
    Buy* your Dirt pack now!

    *No real money needed, I genuinely mean like at most $49.99 in game, I'm really broke
    Terms and conditions apply:
    No harming Dirt physically or mentally
    No forcing Dirt to unwillingly participate in PVP, jugg wars, or raids
    If financial deals or requirements are not met during the purchase of any Dirt pack, Dirt does not legally have to obey requirements or terms of purchase
    If for any reason your Dirt does not meet the expectations of purchase, all multi use Dirt packages are returnable if if neatly kept in packaging or soft casing until date agreed upon during purchase.

    All Dirt packages for show purposes only, no hard labour or PVP benefits from Dirt package should be expected
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