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by _Nickk at 5:37 PM
(3,293 Views / 9 Likes)
There is a big split in what people want us to do regarding the next TMD update. At the moment, our plan is to merge TMDOP into TMD. This means having spam painkillers in TMD, and also having jugg and everything like it used to be. We would have 4 TMD servers, and we would recommend TMD-2 & TMD-4 for new players.

We would also create a new single server, called TMD realism. It would be like normal TMD, except for no legendary weapons, no jugg, and no spam pains.

The player count would be higher on each server, having less of them. This would make it more interesting at non peak times. There would be big wars, and new players could have fairer fights. The people that want a more realistic Zombie Apocalypse experience have a place to play. I think everybody wins.

Please vote in the poll honestly, and make a comment explaining the reasoning for your vote, especially if you don't want a merge - I don't see why you wouldn't so I want to know.
by _Nickk at 12:55 AM
(1,765 Views / 8 Likes)
Welcome to our first weekly news post. We expect to have a post every Friday for the foreseeable future. Let's get into it.

TMD Update Decision

After reviewing the results of the poll and brainstorming ideas, we came to the decision to keep TMD-1 and TMD OP separate. Although on the website poll, around 60% of people voted for the merge, most of our players don't visit the website and would be upset as they like the current survival aspect. Our hope is that with more advertising, more dedicated players will come, and the community can grow that way, rather than merging mechanics, making people angry, and having more people quit. Until then for the players that wanted the merge you still have a server to play on with the gameplay mechanics that you enjoy.

New Map Maker Contest
We are glad to announce that we are having a new Map Maker Contest! The goal of this contest is to build the best looking and most detailed map based on a Western theme. To...
by _Nickk at 5:32 PM
(2,954 Views / 7 Likes)

We've activated a 3 day, 66% off sale. It will end Tuesday night (12 AM Wednesday)

As for the 1.8 update, it's moving at a decent speed. We expect it to be out in around 3 weeks. With the update, the topic of inventories and vaults comes up. We are reducing to 4 normal TMD servers. TMD 5, 6, & 7 will be removed. Slots will be added to 1 through 4. We will be adding a command to the TMDs we are removing, where you can save your inventory. This will wipe it, but it will be reclaimable once we update.

We are unsure of what we want to do in regards to OP TMD. Our initial thought was to merge it back into TMD-1, but we realize a lot of people like the current combat on TMD-1. There doesn't seem to be a good solution.

Merge TMD OP into TMD-1, spam pains
Pro - More populated server, especially at down times.
Pro - Non divided community
Con - Many people like current TMD-1 combat
Con - New players get destroyed by pains / don't...​
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