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Horizons Update

The Havoc Horizons update along with the beginning of Season 2 will be tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST. For the full information on all the changes and updates, check out this post here.

Map Maker Contest
We are glad to be announcing our latest Map Maker Contest, Mine Wars Outposts. The objective of the contest is to make an outpost that could be used for either the Sith or Jedi on Mine Wars. The contest will run for just over a month, ending July 27th, and the Mine Wars Pack should be used. The prizes will be as follows:

1st Place: $100 Shop Voucher
2nd Place: $50 Shop Voucher
3rd Place: $25 Shop Voucher
4th & 5th Place: $10 Shop Voucher
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Havoc Horizons Update & Reset
A long awaited Havoc Horizons Update will occur one week from today. This update will include several changes, including updated shop prices and the brand new Redstone Lair Island! With this update comes a reset. We're going to be putting some money into advertising, so the server will have more players. Players who have already claimed their monthly bonus for July will be able to reclaim it after the reset and update. For a full list of changes, see here.

TMD Fixes
We are still working on fixing TMD bugs. As of tomorrow, /trade should be permanently fixed, and TMD-1 will be automatically restarted every 12 hours, which should help address the lag issues until a more permanent solution is found.

Statue Build Contest Winners
This week concluded our Statue Build Contest. Congratulations to the winners!
by Jacobg1998 at 5:46 PM
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Mythical Rank

The Mythical Rank is now available for a limited time only in Legendary Crates. You can buy Legendary Crates using skulls earned from completing achievements (/help) or you can check out our Ultimate Crate Pack and get 30 Legendary Crates for half their usual price here. The Mythical Rank is currently twice as common as Unlimited Money in Legendary Crates and contains the following.
  • /Repair - repair all the armor you are currently wearing. Can only be used once every six hours.
  • /Shop - access the shop from anywhere.
  • /Spawn - return to the spawn without losing your items.
  • /SZ - go to a safezone from anywhere in the map
  • /Warp - teleport to warps from anywhere in the map
  • 3 Extra Rows of Vault storage
  • 4 Legendary Crates and 1 Mythical Crate Monthly Bonus. Mythic Crates contain 5 items. These items can be Legendary Guns,...
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