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by _Nickk at 6:24 AM
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As for Mine Wars, we have been looking at feedback, and have a lot in the works. We are planning on remapping defense, as it is a bit overpowered at the moment. There will also be many quests added soon, along with side quests, and a lot more to explore, so stay tuned! We also have Mine Wars Conquest coming out! Conquest is a battle type game mode, where your exp goes towards your active Mine Wars character. It is similar to Star Wars Battlefront.

When you join, you are put on a team, either Empire or Rebellion. If the game hasn't started, you can change teams.

During the game, your team's goal is to reach 2,000 points. Your team gets 5 points per kill, and 1 point every second you own a command post.

Command Posts
There are three command posts on every map. In order to take a command post, you have to stand on it. They are usually 5 blocks by 5 blocks. The more teammates you have on a command...
by _Nickk at 5:12 PM
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Hello everyone, we are proud to announce Mine Wars Beta! Our goal is to release it on Tuesday, but it could get pushed back. All we have left to do for beta are a few quest lines.

Progress Update #3 (8/17/2016):
We are very close to releasing it, and planned to multiple times. Right now, we're pretty much in the adjustment period. We have everything we wanted for beta done, but we've found some aspects need tweaking to make them more enjoyable.

Progress Update #2 (8/17/2016):
We had a setback where we had to recode some force stuff. It is nearly finished now, and we will continue with the rest of the needed stuff.

Progress Update #1 (8/15/2016):
We have been slaving away on quests. I have done 32/44, roughly. By the time we release it fully, there will likely be about 200. The beta will have to main quest lines, both 8 quests, and then 10 side quests.

Do to the shear amount of code, there will likely be many bugs, so we are going to...
by IgnitingIce at 9:45 AM
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New Month

Today marks the start of the month of August! This means that all monthly bonuses are refreshed! Today is also the last day of our 25% off sale in the shop so be sure take advantage of that while you can! Unfortunately the new month also marks the end of the double voting reward event, but you sill still get voting crates for every vote and a bonus crate every 50 votes!

July Voting Rewards

The end of July also marks the end of our July voting contest and the beginning of our August voting contest! The winners for the month of July are listed below. Any of these winners can expect to have a message in their inbox with details on their reward later today!

1st Place: _Evil_Banana_ - Reward: $100 Shop Voucher
2nd Place: StayRoyal - Reward: $75 Shop...
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