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by PeachDAboss at 3:58 PM
(443 Views / 6 Likes)
Hi all,

To start, thank you for your continued support of HavocMC, we really appreciate it. Below is an updated link for Tier 5 gun giveaway before the release of the update. There will be 3 winners, so be sure to enter! To enter simply go to our twitter, and follow the easy instructions. We hope you enjoy these giveaways, and you may feel free to post suggestions for future giveaways below. Please be sure to keep these items within reason.


Thank you,

- Peach & The Team
by BenGermann at 6:43 PM
(850 Views / 15 Likes)
Hey everyone, let's get started shall we?

Mine Wars 2.0:
So as many of you may already be aware, Mine Wars is being reworked to provide a much more stable and fun experience for players. It has been left untouched for far too long, so now all the effort of the owners and developers will be focused towards Mine Wars. There are numerous changes that will take place and while there is a general plan laid out, we would like player input on what you would all like to see happen with the gamemode. Please read the thread rules below before submitting any ideas you would like to see implementing in Mine Wars 2.0.

Rules for posting suggestions/ideas:
- Keep the post on topic with what this thread is about.
- Try to keep your suggestions contained within one post so to not flood the thread with numerous posts with only one suggestion.
- While any ideas can be suggested, please keep them reasonable.
- If you dislike or disagree with another player's suggestion,...
by Jacobg1998 at 7:51 PM
(1,569 Views / 7 Likes)

The Mining Dead Update

Hello everyone! Today I am glad to announce our latest exciting new features for The Mining Dead. A brand new Level System has been added, as well as daily challenges and a revamped achievement system. This update will be live on all TMD servers by the end of the day.

How It Works
Players will now gain EXP through killing walkers, killing other players, completing achievements and through a variety of others ways while playing on the server. The EXP will allow players to level up through a 100 level system, earning free crates at every 5 levels along the way! Players' levels will be displayed before their prefix in chat and can also been seen via the command /levels.

Daily Challenges
Another great way to earn EXP is through completing daily challenges. Every day a player logs in, they will receive a new daily challenge. Each player can have up to three daily challenges at any given time, but will not receive any...
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