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Memorial Day Sale
Our Memorial Day Sale is live! Be sure to head over to the shop to receive 65 percent off all ranks, kits and crates for this weekend only. If you're interested, click here.

Western Contest
The Western Map Maker contest has concluded. Unfortunately, due to lack of submissions, we have decided to change it to three winners. Without further ado, here are the winners.

1st Place: westerWin by bacz
2nd Place: Sweetest by SweetestBlood
3rd Place: Westernish by YsakDEngl

Congratulations to the winners, and be sure to message Jacobg2011 here to receive your vouchers.

New Map Maker Contest
We will be hosting a Statue contest on the Map Maker server (/server mm-1). Statues of any shape and size are allowed, as long as the default resource pack is used. The contest will run...
by Valp at 3:32 AM
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This week we have a video from head builder VC on the map progress so far, it shouldn't be long now.

Practice Server 2.0
We've updated the map on TMDPRC-1 to the new Berx safezone. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in checking out we'd love to hear all feedback about the build on this thread.


I know this is becoming a repetitive section in our weekly news but we want to make sure everybody is aware of the /saves command where you can save your inventories on TMDO-1 and TMD-5-7 for the update. As a warning though once you save your items you will not be able to get them back until after the update. We'll be sure to give you a due date before the merge of when you need to have your items saved by.

Map Maker Contest
The current map maker contest will be ending on Thursday, be sure to /submit your map before then.

Update Information
The new update will include bandages!...
by Valp at 1:53 AM
(2,660 Views / 14 Likes)
First and foremost we'd like to thank all of you for your patience as our builders work very hard to get this update out. We've also added plenty of buildings from the old map to give that nostalgia feel.

Practice Server
We've implemented a practice server where you can test all new changes before they're released. It's a small kit pvp type server that features a portion of Atlanta from the new map. Currently there are five kits accessible to everyone (/kit). You can enter the world via the safezone fence or you can random spawn with /random. There are many kill streaks with varying degrees of difficulty. Get anything from Riot Gear to a Golden Barrett .50 Cal . Join the server with /server TMDPRC-1 in-game. If you have any feedback regarding the changes please create a thread, we'd love to hear your suggestions! If you have any trouble loading the pack for the server you can download it here

As a reminder we've added a...
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