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Zones V2

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Rain_Miller, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Mar 30, 2019
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    What is this about?
    Zones are separate maps that you can travel to using the travel NPC. The zones can be used for exploration or looting. every zone opens every day for an hour or so. To enter a zone you must have a team created and if you don't have one you can create one at the Team NPC.


    Travel NPC - This NPC will be in one of the SZ and it'll give your team the ability to travel to a zone that you've unlocked.

    Team NPC - allows you to create a team and manage it. Features from The Faction Update by CastielCraw


    Easy Zone
    Requirments to unlock - 10k cash per team member (one time)
    Level - Green (Easy)
    Resources - low tier Items/food
    Danger Level - Low
    Enemies - Zombies / Wolves
    Environment - Forested area with camps

    Normal Zone
    Requirments to unlock - 20k cash per team member (one time)
    Level - Yellow (Normal)
    Resources - Medium tier Items/Food
    Danger Level - Medium
    Enemies - Zombies / Whisperers / Wolves
    Environment - Overgrown Town

    Hard Zone
    Requirments to unlock - 30k cash per team member (one time)
    Level - Red (Hard)
    Resources - High tier Items/Food
    Danger Level - High
    Enemies - Zombies / Bandits / Whisperers
    Environment - Overgrown Military Base
    Bandits(IK nick posted a video showing the bandits)

    Easy Level Bandit
    They are equipped with low tier guns/melee
    Spawn in easy level zones

    Normal level Bandit
    They are equipped with medium tier guns/melee
    Spawn in normal level zones

    Hard Level Bandit

    They are equipped with high tier guns/melee
    Spawn in hard level zones


    Signal Flare
    A signal flare is used to leave a zone also it cant be found in any loot bags only bought at the equipment shop

    Use - Once fired from a flare gun your team will be teleported to a random SZ

    - They spawn in wooded areas around the map and in easy - normal zones
    Pack - Wolves spawn in a pack of 4 - 6
    Lock Pick Set

    You will need a lock pick set to open locked doors

    - When you right-click a locked door with a lock pick set a timer will begin at the bottom of your screen after the picking is complete the door will open.
    Radiation and Zone timer
    Radiation is a event that starts when the zone timer runs out time. when the radiation event starts all the zombies will get a health, speed and streangth boost. plus it will hurt the player until they leave the zone. The radiation level increase with the zone level

    A zone timer is the time left before the zone gets closed and the radiation event begins

    Once a member of your team dies he cant return to the zone


    There will be more stuff added to this thread

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