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TWD Story: End of the World

Discussion in 'Media' started by ThunderDragon3, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. ThunderDragon3

    ThunderDragon3 Member

    Jun 18, 2018
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    I like writing stories a lot, sooo I decided to write one on the viewpoint of a person in TWD. Here we go... (please excuse any cursing, this is TWD, after all)

    Derek was among the first guards of Georgia State Petitionary to rush home when the news was released. The dead walking and killing?
    He had to get home. Lily, his wife, and his daughters, Angel and Goldie, were waiting for him anxiously.
    Derek himself had mossy green eyes, and dark brown hair like spruce bark. He had a dark goatee on his chin.
    Angel was his older daughter, with brown hair and oceanic blue eyes. Goldie was named for her strongly blonde hair. She had mossy green eyes, like Derek.
    Lily, his wife, Derek considered beautiful. Golden hair, blue eyes, and a lovely voice.
    Derek activated the ignition in his Mazda. The gate was left open, but guards were posted on both sides. His hand didn't leave the stick shift until he got home. It was a half hour ride, he lived in the Atlanta suburbs.
    Derek was maybe three quarters of the way. Atlanta lay ahead beyond the highway. The other side of the highway was swamped in a traffic jam. Everyone was trying to get away. The side he rode on was completely empty, apart from himself. He drove into Atlanta.
    "Soliders in Atlanta..? The hell..?" Derek walked out of his car and into the street. He turned to see the undead shambling towards a military setup. Soldiers aimed their guns at him, thinking he was a walker.
    "Oh, shit!" Derek leaped onto the sidewalk, and tore his jeans. M4 rifles roared as they unleashed a deadly barrage upon the dead. Derek got up, pulled out his Desert Eagle and fired with the army. Walkers took hundreds of bullets to the chest but refused to die.
    "Ruuuun! There are too many! Fall back to Sector Beta! Alpha is lost! Retreat! Retreat!" A military commander shouted above the thunder of bullets. Several soldiers ran back. But several walkers came from behind and tore apart the army men. Screams of agony ripped the air.
    Derek covered his mouth in horror and jumped back into his Mazda.
    Riding onto the curb, he hit a pile of sandbags. His car flipped and soared onto the street. Derek held on for dear life as the car was hurled to the asphalt.

    * * * * *

    Derek's eyes flitted open to the dark of night. He looked around, a cut on his brow, bleeding slightly. Dried blood had settled down to his cheek. He groaned quietly and tried to move.
    The car creaked as he stood. No walkers were in sight, but still gripped his Desert Eagle tightly. He took a small knife that he kept in the glove box.
    He tersely kicked out the window, alert. He ran across the street. He picked up an M4 from the corpse of a soldier. The Desert Eagle was returned to its holster.
    It was midnight. I need to get to Lily and my kids. I need to.
    Derek limped home, panting. He reached the Avenue and went to 142. He slammed on the door and reached for his keys.
    "Lily! Angel, Goldie! Open up! Its Dad!" Footsteps
    The shocked face of a brown haired teenage girl opened the door. It was one of Derek's daughters, Angel. "DAD!"
    Derek was nearly toppled over as she hugged him. Derek looked over and saw Goldie, next to Lily. They both ran to Derek as he walked into the foyer. The family became one mass as they all stood together.
    "Derek, have you seen the news? I was so worried, soldiers were moving into Atlanta." Lily whispered to her husband, quiet enough her children couldn't hear.
    "Yes. I tried to come home early, but I crashed on the way, near a military base." Derek replied, and rubbed his forehead. The cut was deep, but had stopped bleeding a while ago.
    "Dad... you're bleeding. What happened?" Angel looked up and asked, her ocean blue eyes full of concern.
    Derek hesitated.
    "I was in a car and a rock went through my open window. It hit me. But I'm alright, don't worry." He patted her shoulder and put his head on hers. "Don't you worry."
    They all stood there for what felt like hours.

    * * * * *
    The group sat in the living room. Angel and Goldie sat in chairs across from each other. The couch was the centerpiece across from the fireplace. Lily rested her head on Derek's shoulder, sitting with him. Embers lay in the fireplace, providing a soft glow. Their small dinner of fish and salad lay forgotten.
    "What was going on out there? Soldiers were all over the streets." Goldie said. She had been rattled by the chaos and trouble.
    "There were soldiers all around in Atlanta. I drove in there and it was all chaos. Gunfire, those.... things, everywhere. Dead people walking around in the streets, I dont know how it happened. I tried helping, they shot at me. I hid and took an M4, hence the rifle on the kitchen island." Derek jerked his thumb over his shoulder to the kitchen.
    "Dead people?! That's a myth, zombies can't exist, it's a scientific impossibility." Angel replied to Derek and pointed this out.
    "I know Angel, but it doesn't seem impossible. If they were out there, something must've caused it."
    "I hope the military can sort this out.." Lily said, and closed her eyes.
    Derek only nodded. In his heart, he knew what he couldn't tell them.

    The military didn't survive. This won't be fixed. This is the end of the world.

    If youd like to see more of these, please say so. I've got plenty of material.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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