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Tips for The Mining Dead

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dsawemd, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Dsawemd

    Dsawemd Member

    Jun 15, 2020
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    I'm here for quarantine only, and hopefully will be free soon. So I thought it would be a good time to share some useful tips for the Mining Dead.

    This guide is up to date as of July 2020.

    Noob Guide
    Welcome to TWD. Choose a /kit in spawn. You can start playing right away with /play. To get a feeling of the server, I recommend derping around Atlanta, which is relatively easy to get to, full of pvp and pve. When you are ready to gear up, set your compass to a t3 or t4 area, like Hartsfield or Prison.

    A lot of new players focus on bases. Bases are not necessary to succeed at this game. They are useful, but expensive. They provide warps, item storage, and slow item generation. Focus on building your bank balance while you get started. Even if you find a base you can raid or claim, you will likely not be in a good place to defend it yet.

    How to check if there are any unclaimed bases: Compass, upper left corner click the Beacon icon. Be warned! Unclaimed bases are often unclaimed because they are expensive. These bases are generally not good for new players, but you can always go check them out if you see one pop up on compass.

    How to raid bases:
    Rockets deal 398 damage

    C4 deals 999 damage

    Bases have up to 500,000 health. It takes stacks and stacks to raid a top tier base.

    Shoot the base with your rockets and C4. Make sure you have done the math and can completely destroy the walls, or they will quickly regenerate when you run out of damage, and you will have wasted your time.

    Raiding takes a lot of time, and has heavy risks due to the high cost of rockets and c4. Each rocket takes about 8 seconds to reload, and c4 doesn't stack. These two factors mean that having multiple people raid is very very helpful. Having multiple people greatly improves raiding: it will increase rocket DPS, and using a TPA relay to bring your c4 to the target base is generally the safest.


    SZs are the place where you can store or sell items. The enderchest labeled "Vault" is your personal storage. Pvp is turned off inside safezones. You can find safezones by using your compass.

    To enter a safezone, use /sz e, when you are close. To exit, either walk out using one of the ladders (dangerous), or use a Random Teleport sign, which will place you a few hundred blocks away in the wild.

    Warning! Safezones can be very dangerous to enter or leave, especially if its a busy one like Berx. The high volume of traffic means its much more likely you will see someone when you are near a safezone.

    The best loot you can loot is t4, Riot armor/Blue guns. You can get T5, Juggernaut armor/Legendary guns from voting and opening crates. Legendary guns despawn when you die, Jugg does not.

    Loot distribution follows some common sense rules. In a stereotypical suburb house on the map, you will be more likely to find food bags in the kitchen, clothing and gun bags in the master bedroom, and vehicle bags in the garage.

    You are looking for areas with multiple Military and Police bags. They are often underground or deep within an area, behind gates and mazes. Explore!

    Vehicles are most often found in t3 or t4 "garage" bags.

    To pick up a placed car, smack it with a gun a few times. Do not shoot it with a gun, it will be destroyed.
    To pick up a placed motorcycle, smack it with an open hand several times.
    You can only pick up vehicles that you have placed. You cannot pick up a friends car, you will destroy it.

    Motorcycles are faster than cars, and you can shoot from them. This makes them significantly better than cars.

    Teams are HavocMC clans or factions. Teams have their own chat channel, and teammates cannot hurt each other usually. This game can be played solo, but its more fun on a team! The commands for setting up a team are listed in /t help.

    Top Tier PvP:
    Top tier pvp uses Juggernaut armor, and Legendary weapons. Particularly the Gbar, Gdeag, Gspas, and even the expensive Gkat. You need syringes, painkillers, barbed wire clippers, and a few other items to be truly prepared for anything. Never go halfway with top tier pvp, wearing 2/4 jugg and 2/4 riot will just mean you lose those 2 jugg pieces. Wait until you have a full set.

    Never buy items from NPCs, except for things like flashlights and wire cutters. Never buy guns or armor from NPCs, they overcharge.

    You can trade by shift right clicking someone next to you. This is a safe way to trade, if you're in no-pvp.

    The auction house is the best place to make money. Make sure you search "lowest price first" when buying. Also, ask in global if someone can sell for less than the lowest price listed, often you will get a better deal.
    Useful: /Ah search [Item or player]
    People will scam you, so use these tools to Trade safely.

    You can be killed if you accept a TPA, so be careful who you trust!

    OP Tips for All
    1. Locations: The best single room to loot, by far, is at Sanctuary in the ground floor basement. Coords: -850, -2920, 77. Expect pvp, especially on pvp1 server.

    Sanctuary > ChemPlant/Prison > CDC > T3 zones like foxworth, hartsfield > lower tiers.

    An excellent spot to loot for ammo (including rockets) is at the Puzzle House in Atlanta Tier 2. If you want to try your luck, the "entrance" is at (1035, 765), but no step-by-step guide will be posted here.

    2. Loot respawns every 8-9 minutes.

    3. Loot% is cyclical. ie, If you find a Tier 3 Wild Bag that has a motorcycle once, mark it, it will have a motorcycle again, in a (non-consecutive) future cycle.

    4. You can loot items on pvp2 and bring them to pvp1 using your vault. Your money is shared across all servers, so pve farming for pure $ is possible even for pvpers.

    5. Best items to vendor: T4 guns. Best items to sell to players: Motorcycles, Rockets, Circuit Boards, Gas Cans, Syringes.

    6. Best cost/material value from looting: Metal = riot boots and helmet. Cloth = Military armor, and duffel bags. Wood = barricades (check "garage" and "wild" bags in t4)

    Basic item info:
    1. Wood costs 80$ per piece, if you buy baseball bats from the NPC in safezones. 5120 per stack. Don't pay more than that or you're wasting money. You can also farm free easy wood every daily server reset from the trees on the east coast. As the chunks load they drop "peonies", which are bo staves and worth 5 wood each. Nearby trees also drop "cocoa beans" which are engines, at 10 metal each.

    2. "Larger" guns (snipers, large machine guns, assault rifles) vendor for more than smaller guns (pistols, smg). A T2 LMG sells for 790, while a T4 Pistol only sells for 666.

    3. Thrown items: It takes 4-5 thrown combat knives to instagibb a riot, and they do 0.5-1.5 hearts damage to jugg as well. It isn't enough to be an effective strategy by itself, but its worth knowing about. You can throw a bunch of knives at a door, right as they are about to come through. The velocity of the thrown items pins them to the door for a few secs, allowing you to stack them as the enemy enters. This also matters because iron doors block bullets, even when the door is are open. A thrown knife or grenade allows you to get the first few hits.

    How to farm Exp:
    Level doesn't really matter in this game, but if you want the crates you get from leveling up, here's how to level quickly:

    Go to PvE server. Go to Alexandria, bring two barricade blocks. Stand in a busy intersection of Alex suburbs, somewhere around (1715, -1870, 75). Stand on top of your two barricade blocks in a vertical tower. The Wolves cannot touch you now. Farm wolves. Save a final wolf to smack when the next wave spawns, to agro the next wave. Or, bring a sniper to tag the next waves.

    Headshots are more like shoulder, or neck shots on Havoc. Your elevation (your Y coordinate), and the elevation of your target is very important. If you are higher than them, you need to aim lower on their body to get a headshot. Practice on walkers.

    Learn the recoil of various guns, particularly the deagle, as it is one of the few guns to have recoil that is relevant to pvp. There are good resources online from CS:GO players on how to recognize and counter recoil patterns.

    If anything is missing from this guide, let me know!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
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  2. mindblaster007

    mindblaster007 Member

    Jan 16, 2018
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    You actually can pick up vehicles with any melee as well. Also, jumping when shooting walkers, whisperers, and bandits highly increase headshot rates.
  3. mindblaster007

    mindblaster007 Member

    Jan 16, 2018
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    Also use f3+b for hitboxes to see where to shoot walkers, whisperers, wolves, bandits, and players for headshots.
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  4. farmerapple

    farmerapple Member

    Apr 26, 2020
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    Yeah hitboxes are really useful
    I would also recommend whisperer masks, they basically mean you get to choose whether you participate in about 50% of fights youd normally die in

    Btw Dsawemd this is a really great guide, it explains everything really well
  5. farmerapple

    farmerapple Member

    Apr 26, 2020
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    Hey if you want some advice for anybody seeing this thread, it's not to trust people

    There are loads of people out there who will crouch at an sz, and try and give you worthless things like maps

    Just dont make friends with people who have better stats than you

    Do /stats [Name] to find their skill

    They will slaughter you outside of Sz
    Most people aren't you're friends

    Also dont give up if you die!
    This is a great server and dont give up on it :)

    Plus dont go skipping outta Berxley with all your stuff or ya'll get butchered
  6. mindblaster007

    mindblaster007 Member

    Jan 16, 2018
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    That’s a horrible idea! Not teaming with someone who has good stats is just straight up stereotypical and completely incorrect. Lots of people who have high stats that I know don’t do that. My motto is “kill or be killed”. If I see a player that I’m not teaming with, I kill them. I often find myself getting messaged, when I kill a noob, with them asking for their stuff back. I don’t think I’ve ever not given them their stuff back as well as giving them either a set of riot or some cash.

    TL;DR I’ve got decently high stats and I’m always trying to help newer players out. I’ve kind of grown up playing on this server and I’ve always tried to share my knowledge and love for the server with new players.

    Also, never jump out of Berx if you don’t plan on fitting. Instead, all the exit balconies have signs that teleport you around 75-100 blocks away from the safe zone, which is enough were you won’t be seen/targeted.
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