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The Mining Dead Starter Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlphaDemonQueen, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. AlphaDemonQueen

    AlphaDemonQueen Member

    Dec 2, 2017
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    Hello Everyone. I see you have shown up at my starter guide. The Mining Dead is based off of the series “The Walking Dead” as well as “Fear the walking dead” and their comics etc.

    Before playing, you should pick if you want to play on the PvP server or the PvE server. The PvP server has PvP enabled, whereas the PvE server has PvP disabled. I recommend new players should start on the PvE server to get a grasp of the server. Also, if you're into roleplay, PvE is for you. You can enter using the compass at hub or by typing in /server TMDPVP-1 or TMDPVE-1.

    TMDPVP-1 is your PvP server, where you can fight, loot, kill zombies, and survive. This server is mainly about your competition between each other. If you get out of a safezone, you could easily be killed, by either a zombie or player.

    TMDPVE-1 is your PvE server, where you can loot, roleplay, make friends, kill zombies, and survive. This server is mainly about roleplaying and looting, as well as exploring the map.

    So what do I do?
    Well, When you pick your server you will be taken to the spawn area of that server. From here you can either type /play or you can run through the portal which would give you options that you can do. If you’re a new player, you would only be able to click the globe/earth at the top saying “random teleport”

    When you first join, even before you type /play or go through the teleport, you can type /kits which would give you your options of what kind of kit you want with the different people. Alternatively, you can run around and check out the kits from the NPC’s resembling The Walking Dead characters. Though if your using /kit, just know there are only 6 kits that are free in there.

    After you come out of spawn, you will appear in a town or a forest. When you get to a town, going anyway you would like, You should go gather. When you walk into a house there will be tan/beige pouches, tan/beige grocery bags or even small white grocery bags. These are your 3 most common bags on the server. These will contain food, water, guns that range from tier 1-3, some different kind of melees of sort, bandages, armor, ect. These things will play a key role in your survival. There are 2 other bags you can find on this server, Military duffles and Police bags. These bags consist of higher ranked/tier items in the game that will protect you more.

    Fighting is required to stay alive and survive on this server. Depending on the server you are playing on, PvE or PvP this will happen. PvE is fighting off your typical zombies that roam around the map that will come attack you and try to kill you. PvP on the other hand, you fight against players wanting to kill you while trying to fight off zombies that would like to kill you as well. Keep in mind that when you stay in a place to long more zombies will spawn, this is where your guns and melees would come in.

    Note: when fighting zombies that you will earn a certain amount of money.

    For the scopes you get for your guns, you attach them through your 2x2 crafting grid in your inventory. The scopes have different guns they can be attached to, so make sure that you can attach it.

    For when your in combat and your shooting, left click to zoom on your enemies and right click to fire. When you have to reload you can press “q” also known as the drop button though when the clip runs out the guns will automatically reload itself.

    Hunger and Thirst
    This is where your food and water will come in.

    This is one of the things that is crucial to your survival. Your hunger bar is your normal hunger bar. But your thirst is your XP bar. Both of these need to be full or close to full that way you wont die. Your thirst will start at 100 but will slowly drain to 0. At 50 you will get a message saying that you should soon refill your thirst. From there at 20 you will get a message saying that you should soon refill your thirst so you won’t die. Then at 10 you will get a message saying that you should drink water Immediately. If you do not, you will begin to lose health until you die.

    Safezones act as safe havens, where players can take a break from gameplay and relax. Walkers cannot attack you, and PvP is disabled. Safezones also have a few other features which are important to gameplay.

    How do I get there?
    Getting to an sz is kind of difficult if you don't know where you're going. When you start out on the map you’ll get a small starter kit. In that kit you will get a compass with all the different places that there are on the map. There are 6 different Safezones that you can go to that are all across the map. Travelier motel, Berxley, School, Viskocil, Mallowbridge, and brooks electric station.

    One way to get to the safezones is by a command /sz which will pull up the different safezones you can warp to. Note: warping to a Safezone will cost $100.

    If you are close to a certain Safezone, a message will appear in chat indicating such. You can quick-warp to that Safezone using /sz e.

    Purchasing items
    Once you're inside the safezone, you can purchase items, food, and other gear from the NPC's. NPC's are dressed up as some of The Walking Dead characters and are located around the safezone so you may need to look around for them. Each one sells separate items for a given price.

    Vaults are the ender chests near the gates in the safezones. They are useful for storing precious items and other things for later. Multiple vaults can be purchased with real money for more storage.

    Crates are located on the slab pedestal in the safezones. This is the chest that can give you your rare, godly, and legendary crates. How to get here is easy, you can ask a player to teleport you which isn't the most trustworthy thing or you can use a compass. This is where ranked players can claim their monthly bonuses and everyone can open crates, which have rare items. If you vote, you will receive a total of five voting points, which can be saved up for better crates, containing higher level loot, or used. Buying crates with skulls can get you rare, godly, and legendary crates, which contain OP loot. One way of getting crates is by leveling an reaching a certain level, this will only give you one crate though. More crate space can be purchased at the shop here,

    Tired of dying in 2v1's or even 3v1's? A team is for you. Gang up with players from around the server, maybe even players you know in real life, and have fun together. Featuring a separate chat only read by team members, team commands, and more, this is perfect for players who want to participate in wars. You can always access these commands by doing /team.

    Help! I've been bitten by a walker!
    Zombies are very dangerous on the server, and if you are hit, you have a chance of getting infected. The infection will go through stages, slowly killing you as it goes up. Now you see, there are a few ways of curing this. A slow cure would be using bandages, painkillers or medpacks (purposed for healing injuries), where a couple uses of them should cure the infection.. To cure it immediately, at no expense of any bandages, painkillers or medpacks, you can use antibiotics. You can use antibiotics by right-clicking with the bottle in your hand, and a message on your screen should announce: "You have used an antibiotic."

    Trading with a partner
    We have a trading plugin on the server which allows players to trade items, money, and other gear with each other in a safe way. An easy way to start a trade with another player is right-clicking while shifting on another player next to you. This will open up the trading interface. Notice the items you put in are on the left, and the items your partner puts in are on the right. Money can be added to the trade by clicking on the '$' sign in the top left corner. Click the amount of money you would like to add to the trade. Then, when you're finished adding your items, click the lock on your side of the interface, which will lock your items in the trade. Next, your partner will click his lock, locking his items into the trade. Finally, click the green checkmark if you're satisfied with your partner's offer, and he will do the same. His/her items will automatically appear in your inventory, and vice versa.

    Money & Stats
    Money can be earned in-game by killing walkers and selling gear. Money is used to trade with other players and buy items from the NPCs in the safezones. Each time you kill a walker, you will receive $10. You can also sell items to other players for money, and use the money you make to buy yourself some good-quality gear.

    You can check your statistics using /stats. This will pull up a list of your balance, player kills, player kill-death ratio, walker kills, walker kill-death ratio, and total deaths. It should look something like this:

    Money: 813,412
    Player Kills: 6854
    K/D Ratio: 8.68
    Walker Kills: 34967
    Walker K/D Ratio: 44.26
    Deaths: 790

    Our voting system is a little weird so bear with me at this point. When you vote on our server you will get points instead of crate keys like most servers. With these points you can buy either a crate (Legendary, god, ect) with them or you can buy supply drops that come in handy as well. This video can explain more about the voting system (credits to Kendrq for making this)

    Elo you may ask? Elo is a ranking system added to the game to make it more fun for the users. Your can determine how good you are as a player, but does not necessarily mean it. Having a higher more elo gives a xp boost on your level and ranks you higher. Currently, elo stats can be found in the HavocMC Stats in the forums site. Earning elo also helps your overall level increase, your overall level is the number before your tag/username, which is basically a ranking system. The higher your number is, the higher you are as a whole. Earning xp to increase your level is; killing players, earning achievements, killing walkers. Earning elo can be found using; killing players, earning achievements, killing walkers, but can decrease if you're killed.

    Site Commands:
    /website (gives you a link to the website)
    /vote (gives you the voting links)
    /rules (gives you a link to the rules page)
    /map (gives you a link to the online map)
    /apply (gives you a link to apply for helper)
    /staff or /report (gives you a link to report a player)
    /appeal (gives you a link to appeal your punishment)
    /buy (gives you a link to the shop)

    Spawn Only:
    /kit (choose a kit *Only 6 free kits unless you go to the npcs*)
    /sz (teleport to a SZ)
    /play (teleport to a random location)

    /stats (used to check your own stats of the stats of another player)
    /team (used for joining and creating teams)
    /server (used to quickly change between servers)
    /tpaccept (accept a tpa request *for a non-ranked person, cooldown is 24h*)
    /tpa (Teleport to someone *Non-ranked people cooldown is 24h*)
    /sz e (used to enter a sz if your within 150 blocks of it)
    /suicide (commit suicide)
    /msg (message a player)
    /r (reply to a message)
    /help (shows a help screen)
    /downloadpacks (download the textures)
    /bal (shows your balance)
    /pay (pay someone with your money)
    /shop (opens the shop)
    /trade <player> (Trades with the specified player when within 10 blocks)
    /score (shows your score for that season)
    /dailychallenges (gives you challenges that you can do)
    /shout toggle or /s on (Gives you access to talk with everyone rather than just local)
    /prizes (view the seasons prizes)
    /leaders (View the seasons leaderboard)

    /thirst (fills your thirst bar)
    /tpa (tpa to another player)

    /feed (fills your hunger bar)
    /tpahere (tpa someone to you)
    /needs (fills up your hunger and thirst)

    /tpahere (tpa a player to you)
    /needs (fills your hunger and thirst)
    /near (check who is in range of 200 blocks)
    /heal (heal yourself completely)

    /near (shows you all players in a 200 block radius)
    /color (Changes the color of your name)

    /repair (restores dura of armor they're wearing)
    /shop (Gives you access to buy things around the map)
    /spawn (Go to spawn from anywhere on the map)
    /sz (teleport to any safezone from anywhere on the map)
    /warp (warps you to certain places as in Hilltop, alex, atlanta)

    Written by AlphaDemonQueen
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
  2. general2673

    general2673 Member

    Nov 12, 2017
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    Very in depth, specific, and well written. I think new players will find this insanely helpful. @Jacobg1998 is there a way to make this a link for new players? like /guide or something?
  3. KyronicGaming

    KyronicGaming Builder

    Nov 27, 2016
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    Already set as the starter guide on the site next to the pack and map, a /guide would be brill tho
    general2673 likes this.
  4. mindblaster007

    mindblaster007 Member

    Jan 16, 2018
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  5. lssluvlego

    lssluvlego Member

    Jun 30, 2018
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    Great guide! Very well written. I was thinking of making one then you did XD.
  6. lssluvlego

    lssluvlego Member

    Jun 30, 2018
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    I have a suggestion: how about you add the cool downs for the ranked (and unranked) commands?
  7. AlphaDemonQueen

    AlphaDemonQueen Member

    Dec 2, 2017
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    Dang I forgot abuot the cool downs
  8. Bulleteater

    Bulleteater Member

    Aug 22, 2017
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    only problem for me is when you said ELO was meant to make it more fun.

    If anything, it’s just used as another method of stroking yourself off
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  9. Cactiee

    Cactiee Member

    Aug 1, 2016
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    Dm me if you want lessons on how to make tmd money fast without a rank :)
  10. Noobie_White

    Noobie_White Member

    Sep 9, 2018
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    What is the difference of /near of the legend rank and the Titan rank?

    Can you let me know more details about the elo system and xp boost of it?
    I thought the elo can only be get from killing players.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  11. Snakefangs2004

    Snakefangs2004 Member

    Feb 2, 2017
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    Yea you can only get elo from killing players. If the forums post did not really explain it elo is kind of a system to see your skills of pvp and survival in pvp combat. You gain elo when you kill someone and loose it when you die. And never heard about a xp boost with elo so Alpha is going to have to explain that part to you BUT Ik when you kill someone you get experience for your ranking level so she might of meant that.. And also the near it probably just a typo.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  12. CravenPython108

    CravenPython108 Member

    Feb 13, 2017
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  13. Cactiee

    Cactiee Member

    Aug 1, 2016
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    Soz. Have to correct you. ./Heal in Legend heals everything
  14. AlphaDemonQueen

    AlphaDemonQueen Member

    Dec 2, 2017
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    I have the ranks, It heals your health bar. /Needs fills your thirst food, /heal only heals your healt bar not everything
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