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[Official] Guide on Bases

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _Nickk, May 22, 2020.

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  1. _Nickk

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    Mar 12, 2016
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    This guide should provide you with a solid basis for everything having to do with the Base Update on The Mining Dead.

    What are bases?
    Bases are small "settlements" that players can claim to store and produce items. They provide safety from mobs and the outside world.

    Bases are made up of five main components/structures - walls, storage, farmland, a weaponsmith, and an armory. Each component starts at tier 1 and can be upgraded all the way through tier 5 to improve production/performance.

    How do I claim a base?
    There are currently 50 base locations throughout the map. Bases are unique to their server, meaning TMDPVP-1 bases are separate from TMDPVP-2 bases and so on. In order to claim a base, you must find an open plot and claim it with /base claim. This requires money and resources. There are three resources - wood, metal, and cloth.

    When claiming a base you'll have the option to choose between a variety of schematics. This is a purely aesthetic choice - it will determine the appearance of your base but nothing else.

    Note: Bases require a "daily upkeep" - i.e. a certain amount of resources each day in order to remain claimed.

    How do I get resources?
    • Wood is obtained mainly through farming trees. This can be done with things like hatchets, machetes, and axes. It can also be obtained by "scrapping" various items like bo staffs and wooden junk items. In order to scrap an item, place it in your crafting grid.
    • Cloth can be found in loot bags or obtained by scrapping leather armor/clothing and other select items.
    • Metal can be found in loot bags, obtained by scrapping items, or mined in the world. Items like guns and melee weapons scrap into metal. Car tires and vents can be mined with a pickaxe to receive metal

    How do I go to my base?
    Type /bases from spawn or a safe zone to fast travel to your base.

    What do the structures in my base do?
    • The walls prevent your base from being raided on PVP servers and lower your daily upkeep on PVE servers.
    • The storage building provides item storage
    • The weapon smith produces guns over time.
    • The armory produces armor over time.
    • The farm gives land to farm food.

    Can I add members to my base? How do I deposit resources and upgrade my base?
    Access the base menu from the beacon (shown in spoiler below) in the base or from /bases. This menu allows you to deposit resources, upgrade structures (using resources), add members, etc.

    Can my base be raided?
    Bases can only be raided on PVP servers. Raiding is done by using explosives to damage base walls. Wall health is dependent on wall tier and the amount of resources in the base. Having more resources drastically increases wall health and prevents being raided.

    C4 - 1,000 DMG
    RPG - 200 DMG
    Grenade Launcher - 100 DM
    Tier 1 - 3,000 by default, up to 15,000 with resources
    Tier 2 - 6,000 by default, up to 30,000 with resources
    Tier 3 - 12,000 by default, up to 65,000 with resources
    Tier 4 - 30,000 by default, up to 150,000 with resources
    Tier 5 - 60,000 by default, up to 500,000 with resources
    Tier 1-3 Walls:
    +2 HP / Wood
    +5 HP / Cloth
    +5 HP / Metal

    Tier 4-5 Walls:
    +3 HP / Wood
    +10 HP / Cloth
    +10 HP / Metal
    Walls start to regenerate after going 10 minutes without taking damage.

    Tier 1 Wall: 250 HP / minute
    Tier 2 Wall: 500 HP / minute
    Tier 3 Wall: 1,000 HP / minute
    Tier 4 Wall: 2,500 HP / minute
    Tier 5 Wall: 8,000 HP / minute

    I like to blow things up - how do I get C4?
    C4 is a rare item obtained by crafting together gun powder, electric circuits, metal, and a gas can.​
    • Gun powder is obtained by placing ammo in the crafting grid.
    • Metal is obtained as detailed above.
    • Electric circuits and gas cans are rare drops found in high tier loot bags.
    I think that covers all the basics - if not I'll be sure to add to this guide. Peace :)
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