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My 1st Game

Discussion in 'Your Stories' started by Agent_Ducky_MoMo, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Agent_Ducky_MoMo

    Agent_Ducky_MoMo Member

    Jul 7, 2016
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    Ok, keep in mind I had no kits, I didn't even know how to vote, nor did I know how the game started with parachutes.. I don't exactly remember my team mates, but we landed in a random town. We didn't get much, except 1 of my team mates got a gold crossbow and that was pretty much the only good item we had. We also got an rpg but people say its not good. We split up to gather gear then met at the center of the town. We weren't in a Skype call so we talked in chat. 1 of my team mates tried saying something in chat, then was sniped (1 shot)! We all started freaking out, me and and my team mate took cover, there was this little hut and we went there, while the 3rd one was running around. Soon enough he got sniped too. Now there was only 2 of us! My team mate said wait here I will flank them. Then he threw me a spare Winchester, it wasn't much, but it had to do. There was 3 of them, my team mate flanked 2 of them. While the last person spammed him with a mini gun. My team mate started running away and the mini gun man then came charging at me! My strongest weapon was a Remington. Now he had riot gear and a mini gun, and I had leather and a Remington. Who won? Me! It was really close, he kept spamming me and I missed my first 2 shots, I was getting very scared then. Then I got 2 more shots on him. I can guarantee we both had half a heart, he started running and I started chasing him with a dull knife. He ran about 100 blocks but I finally killed him. I grabbed his mini gun and I gave my gold crossbow team mate half of the riot gear. The person also had lots of lmg and sniper ammo. That ammo was good for my Winchester and Mini Gun! We made our way to prison and we climbed the gate, boy do I regret climbing that gate. I was shot by a gold barret, I knew because I was withered! I ran and hid right underneath the sniper tower. Little did I know that sniper tower was where the shot came from, I look up and see a guy with half military but a gold barret, he drops a moltov on me and I run into the sniper tower and dodge the moltov. The enemy was making his way down. My friend made a sacrifice worth while as we get further in the story. He charges the enemy with a machete. Sadly, he lost, but it was enough for the enemy to be distracted and for me to end him. Now I had a mini gun, gold barret, gold crossbow, and full riot gear. For sure I was set, SIKE! As soon as I walk out of the sniper tower, I see 4 juggs. I start running the opposite direction and escaped the prison undetected. Behind the prison was a motorcycle(This hellnight game was before the update with vehicle parts), which made me excited. I start driving away from prison, I went very far and up ahead was this large river. It took me about 3 seconds to realize I was being followed. Behind me was a red car, with 4 people in it, it was the juggs.... They start firing at me and I tried dodging the bullets. They ended up breaking their vehicle by shooting it, I started laughing at them but then I crashed into the river and I lost my motorcycle in it. They started rushing to the river, I stayed underwater crouching, hoping they wont see me. I had 4 bubbles of air left, then they finally left! I was like thank gosh. I was back at walking bare foot, I caught up with the juggs right behind them without them realizing me.... I was following from a far distance actually, I followed them up to hilltop, where their were more juggs. With bikes and shotguns. They absolutley demolished the team I was following, I ran to one of the sides of hilltop. I started reloading my Winchester and talk to myself, alright you can do this. I open my inventory and see a duffle bag, "I must've picked it up from one of the dead guys" I said to myself. In the duffle bag was full jugg. Ohhhhh yea! I sneak into hilltop and hide behind one of those little huts with the cauldrons. K, 3 guys outside of hilltop and one guy one the house balcony. I start moving to the west side of the house. I sniped the man on the balcony. Then I go behind the house all the way around the east side. They started messing around and they took off their armor and start doing fist fights. Remember that RPG that I got in the beginning. I just blew the 3 guys up. I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair.

    The End :]
  2. Terminant

    Terminant Member

    Nov 5, 2016
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    10/10 such mlg, very pro!
  3. XxQQah

    XxQQah Member

    Sep 30, 2016
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  4. Challenge_

    Challenge_ Member

    Jul 4, 2016
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    I got 2nd place my first ever game cus I was with 2 other people that knew what they were doing. We died to a full riot with a barrett. This was back in the 1.8 days, so before cars got added, and before insane mode.
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