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Jugg Tournaments

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by MadCauseUrBad, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. FireRageHD

    FireRageHD Member

    Mar 29, 2018
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    Instead of laying waste of a server like tmdc, there should be a weekly jugg tournament held on this part of the server. It might attract old players, and it brings back old, but fun events that used to be known as jugg wars between 2 teams. I absolutely loved jugg wars, however, no one wars jugg on tmdpvp, and no one plays on tmdc; therefore there should be a weekly jugg tournament where everyone receives 1 jugg set and is assigned to teams. The winning team should receive a cash prize for all the players in that team. Atlanta should be the location in which this event is held, and for the tournament gear, there should be a kit that gives you a barret 50 cal., spas 12, golden barret 50 cal., golden crossbow, ammo for those weapons,10 stacks of pains, 2 stacks of bandages, a machete, and 5 medkits, and let the players choose their weaponry. The kit could be activated by a staff member for 30 minutes and then taken off and the cooldown should be a year-long so no one can just regear from the kit. While this may be a huge event I think it would be really fun, and it gives more meaning to the reason why tmdc is still up and running.
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