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Current State of the Server II

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xHobbes, Dec 27, 2019.


Overall thoughts on the server?

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  2. Could be better, but not bad

  3. Severely needs major changes

  1. xHobbes

    xHobbes Member

    Sep 30, 2016
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    First things first, this post is not meant to start drama or fights, it is just my opinions of the server. If you disagree with anything, feel free to talk about it, but keep it civil.

    About a year ago I made a post about my thoughts and opinions of the server after not playing for a while, and right now I want to make a follow-up to that. The last post was long, boring to read, shitty, overly critical, so I have condensed all of the points and critiques in them so you can skip around and find what you like but I would recommend reading the whole thing. To sum the whole thing up I enjoyed it but there are major flaws.

    This was the first time I had joined the server in a while. I haven't even played MC for about 5 months, so I was pretty rusty but it didn't take long to get used to. The first thing I noticed is that basically everyone I know has completely stopped playing, which is kind of depressing. While I was playing, I didn't recognise anyone, so its clear to me a brand new generation of players have joined, which is super cool.

    When I first got into the game I noticed things right away, like the fact that maps are finally a thing, and it appears that the whisperers don't spawn anymore. Tell me if they do still exist, I don't know why the devs would remove them, but I didn't see a single one after about 10 hours of play. I also noticed this awful glitch with the kits you choose at spawn. If you select any kit, and then switch to another one, the first will still get the full cooldown like you spawned into the world with it. On the topic of the kit cooldown, its probably one of the worst updates I noticed. I don't know the reason why they were nerfed, probably a P2W issue but it is awful.

    I was playing mostly TMD and Map Maker while I was on, so I wont critique Towny or Horizons.

    Starting with TMD, I enjoyed playing the game. Its far from perfect, its very glitchy, but I still had fun while I was playing. I found myself very frustrated with some of the many glitches I encountered. There is a glitch with the Hunter kit were if you log off, you switch to the default kit, so you lose the ability to track people. More notable glitches is not being able to pick up motorcycles that have been placed, as well as some ADS errors. Also, some mechanics irritated me as well. Automatic weapons can't tap fire. Some weapons like the M16 get a new tap fire mode, which is really nice, but guns like the AK-47 and the AUG have this retarded built in burst fire when tap firing, which makes them useless long range. It makes no sense, as the AUG in real life is very accurate. It also doesn't make sense that its considered an LMG. There is an LMG variant, but the AUG in the show isn't an LMG, I can't think of any other game where it's an LMG, but its whatever. Other then that and that shotguns are underpowered, guns seem to be balanced. Other notable things I would like to commemorate are:
    • Maps - It would be more useful if you could zoom in or if the random text all over it would be removed, but it is and insanely useful item.
    • Syringes - I would feel that these would be very useful for fights, but they are very useful for getting away from zombies or players because of the speed. Maybe a slight nerf, but I like them.
    • Duffle Bags can be purchased now, which is way more convenient.
    • Water is harder to get.
    • Walkers are tougher and stronger then the last time I played.
    • The map is very detailed and interesting.
    That being said, I do have other gripes, such as:
    • Some guns have ADS while others don't.
    • A lot of the keybinds are bad, such as right click to shoot or Q to reload.
    • PvE is very easy, and players are hard to come by in PvP unless you're near a major safezone like Berxley.
    • A crazy large amount of glitches.
    With all of that being said about TMD, I feel like its a 6/10. I had fun with it, but it can get repetitive, is overly easy and filled with glitches. It is 100% an improvement from the last time I played it.

    Moving on to Map Maker, its basically a good creative server. You have more options, more freedom then a normal creative server. It is basically just that, there's nothing wrong with it, definitely not worthy of being a main gamemode. When I made my first post about my thoughts on the server, the removal of Map Maker was one of the main criticisms I had for Havoc, so to see it back is quite nice. 8/10.

    Now, I want to move on to another subject, Mine Wars. For some newer players, who don't know or remember what this mode was, is it was a Star Wars gamemode where you choose to be a Jedi or Sith, you roamed around Tatooine, ride speeders around and kill the enemy side. It was fun as fuck, and after well over a year of promised updates that never came, the owners completely removed the game and left all the Mine Wars players in the shitter. Easily, the most unrespectable move the server has ever done, probably not the biggest loss in players because of an update but definitely biggest loss of respect, at least from my friend group. I would not mind seeing MW make a return, I would play it, I'm sure word will spread and other OGs will return to play it, especially with the hype of the Skywalker saga ending.

    This is the last gamemode I want to touch on. I remember when Hell Night was a huge deal on the server, at peak hours it could have 2 - 3 games of 50 players on concurrently, even beating out the playerbase of TMD every once in a while. It unironically was better then H1Z1 and PUBG. At some point, HN went down for maintenance for a week, then for 2 weeks, then for almost 4 months. Unsurprisingly, the entire HN community quit, which was probably one of, if not the biggest loss of players in the servers history. The players that stayed were angry and confused because of the unprofessional wait for HN, and over time, left one by one. At the moment, Hell Night is down for maintenance, I don't know for how long it has or when it will end, but due to lack of players I doubt there has been a single game of HN played in the last 5 months. It's a shame because the gameplay was very fun and replayable. The gamemode will probably never be played again. It honestly would make sense if it was just removed.

    The community is probably the most dramatic change since I last played. Like I said, I barely recognise anybody and it seems to be a brand new generation. Last year, drama was the biggest topic and everyone was super toxic. To me, it seems that when they quit the server and forums, they took their drama with them. The new generation is exactly what the server needed to survive.

    Since my last post, I think the server has vastly improved. I still think that more developers definitely need to be hired, and more advertising should be implemented. However, the server definitely got out of the depression it was in last year. I will probably stick around, for now at least. I do really enjoy the server, despite its glaring flaws.
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  2. Runkelpokk

    Runkelpokk Member

    Aug 20, 2017
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    What do you mean with ADS ?

    Most shooters use rightclick to shoot and you cant just pick a random key to use in your plugin you need to reuse a existing keybind/function if you want to reload with r change drop item to r.

    Main savezone for pvp is school and if you run into a player without wearing full gear fights can be realy intense pve idk maybe add back whispers only to pve noone wants them on pvp.

    Hellnight events would be realy cool

    Minewars yea.... rip

    There are still a ton of old players from 2017 but most of them play on tmdc maybe you was online at a bad time but the tmdpvp comunity have changed a lot
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  3. xHobbes

    xHobbes Member

    Sep 30, 2016
    Likes Received:
    ADS is when you aim down the iron sights of a gun.

    Most popular shooter games, like CS:GO or Fortnite, right click is the ADS while left click is the fire button. I don't know any other games where RMB is used to shoot by default.

    For keybinds, I'm sure there are plugins that can be used to change binds. If not, then that is a problem with MC as a whole.

    I try not to pick fights with Jugg players unless I know I can win because I run around with leather and military most of the time. I never have gotten into jugg wars since I prefer more tactical and calculated fights. I prefer just tracking people down with the Hunter kit and either helping them or killing them.

    Hell Night events might slightly increase playerbase, but in order to really come back the server needs to boost back into summer 2016 - 2017 numbers, which I think are possible if there are consistent and good updates regularly.

    R.I.P. Mine Wars

    What I meant about not recognising players is that I don't recognise any of my friends/prominent people on the forums back in the day. Also, I play in the middle of the night so I wouldn't be surprised if I was just missing them.
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