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Advanced Base Building

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by ChiefBlitzen, Jun 15, 2020.


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  1. ChiefBlitzen

    ChiefBlitzen Member

    Dec 15, 2016
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    I have played several games concerning the logistics of how you build something that will depend on its success and payout (Prison Architect, State of Decay 2, Space Engineers, ETC). I feel like adding 5 upgrade tiers may not be enough, instead, make it so you can have more control over customization of your base, rather than a preset option. I am recommending the ability to have certain facility slots, and depending on that facility slot, you have facilities to choose from. Perhaps keep the walls, farm, and storage building the same, but perhaps allow the player to use resources to make them look better. This would leave the player with 2 facility slots for their base, in which they can choose from a Gunsmith, Armorsmith, Trade Depot, Ammo Press, or medicine production. As well as a base attack/defense system on PVE.

    A great concept, however, it does not make sense to have daily upkeep of 0 and still get weapons produced, so instead, make it so depending on the number of materials you place inside of a feeder chest for your gunsmith, it increases the chance along with the buildings level to produce something better, or yet increase the tier level for sure. IE, let's say I place 64 metal into the work table, I get a guaranteed chance at a level 2 weapon when the facility generates something and loose those 64 metal for a better-produced weapon.

    Would work in the same was a gunsmith, but with a bit of a twist. Here you can repair your armor using cloth and metal, so for example, I place 64 cloth, 64 metal into a repair chest, place 64 cloth and 64 metal to increase my item tier level and in 6 hours, my armorsmith generates an item and repairs my juggernaut gear by 25% or similar value, and that value increases depending on the facilities tier level.

    Trade Depot:
    This would be a new facility, allowing the player to place their items into a chest, and every 6 hours, have a few items in that chest sold for higher than market value, that percentage is increased by the Trade Depot's facility level.

    Ammo Press:
    Self Explanatory ammo generating area, get gunpowder, get metal, place in chest, select an ammunition type to generate and how much (you can do this with all item types up to a limit depending on your Ammo Press facility level) you want and in 6 hours you get ammo. Perhaps by upgrading this facility you increase the amount of ammo yielded, the amount of ammo you can produce, or have a chance to produce 1.25-1.50x extra ammunition along with your generated ammo.

    Medicine Production:
    Make yourself a target to bandits with your antibiotic/painkiller/medkit/bandage producing facility! basically how this works is you get your feeder chest, and you place in antibiotics, painkillers, cloth, and metal, and it has a chance every 6 hours to generate more medicine as to balance it.

    My idea for base defense:
    Making a base in the apocalypse WILL draw the attention of your neighbors, be they walkers or that psychopathic guy who carried a 44. magnum at the local gas station. On PVE, depending on the upgrades of your walls and facilities, you have a chance to be attacked, in which you will have a set time to get to your base and defend it (only if the owner or base admins are on), if you succeed in repelling an attack from walkers or bandits, you get some modest loot, if you fail to defend or don't show up, you will have to repair each facility with resources and if you let it become too damaged, it will collapse, then a player can use 250 x of each resource and build it from the ground, hopefully, better than the person who previously owned it.

    *also, someone uploads an image of what each base schematic looks like because I'm convinced my schematic looks terrible.

    Thank you for reading and coming to my Ted talk (sorry if it was long, I am a DE student so I'm used to having to fill word requirements)
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  2. Runkelpokk

    Runkelpokk Member

    Aug 20, 2017
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    Great suggestions would love to see these features implemented
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