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Add the Georgia Communication Station as a preset map!

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by MarcustheWraith, May 14, 2017.


Should the Georgia Communication Station be added as a preset map for Map Maker?

  1. Yes.

  2. No (if so, state reason in thread, please).

    0 vote(s)
  1. Marklucky7

    Marklucky7 Member

    Mar 5, 2017
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    While I was biking cross-country from Alexandria to the Prison, I happened to notice something. At the coordinates (X: -1137, Z: -58) on the TMD map, a small building can be seen.

    EDIT: I have found another such structure at (X: 1119, Z:-2615). All information below is about the original structure.

    This structure is named the Georgia Communication Station. It consists of a barred - in helipad, a 2-story tower, with a large vine on one side, and a small walkway between the two that has barbed - wire posts defending it. A ladder is available to the roof of this building, which hosts a small communication antenna with glowing lights. 2 beds and what appear to be 2 folding cots are present inside.

    The crew of this station have apparently abandoned it, as no helicopter is on the pad. However, bloodstains, graves, heads, and what appears to be a pile of burned corpses about 50 blocks away apparently state that a group of survivors found this place and promptly got wiped out.

    I think that this is a pretty nice easter egg. I also believe that it would be nice to add this area as a free (no rank needed to access it) preset map in Map Maker, which is why this post has been duplicated from the TMD General Discussion thread and mentioned here.

    On the map:

    A close - up view.
    Zoomed out, with burned walker corpses and graves visible.
    Zoomed out more, with Atlanta, Woodbury, Shirewilt, and the Blackwood Safezone for scale.

    EDIT 2: I am currently working on a modified version of the station. Said version has a small courtyard (with jury - rigged electric fence) and walkways that are elevated enough to stop walkers from climbing onto them. In addition, it has a small (fortified) ramp leading to the ground. The basic idea is that this is a GCS which was isolated enough that the crew were able to assemble fortifications before the walkers showed up.
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
  2. Al_Cool

    Al_Cool Member

    Apr 15, 2017
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    I like the structure, I could build a replica and share the map If you need too, that way you'l be able to copyand paste ;)
  3. MonFierre

    MonFierre Builder

    Dec 5, 2016
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    All credits to the good man @gabrielmaennl5 He built that we're currently plannin to make a remake so a bigger one let's say and far more detail than the current one
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