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100 subs event #2

Discussion in 'Media' started by general2673, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. general2673

    general2673 Helper

    Nov 12, 2017
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    Hello everyone. The event is almost here. and ill be releasing a video tonight with the first event screenshots. the game begins when that video drops!

    I decided to make the event have "levels" if you complete the set of clues or find all the locations, I will give the sender the next set. ill be posting who has completed levels so you know how your opponents are doing.
    the levels are as follows.

    1.screenshots you have to find on the map- example would be my "arm up" event.
    2. character names or riddles telling who they are. find where they died
    3. riddles that lead to map features or places from twd made on the map

    now the fun stuff- prizes.
    1st place- 4 ultimate crate packs aka 120 legendary crates. OR mythical for 2 players OR 2 60 crates and 1 mythical.
    2nd place- 1 ultimate crate pack (30 crates) OR a rank/ rank upgrade totaling no more than 30$ (this will get a titan to mythical :) )
    3rd place- 1 full set of jugg armor. 5 stacks of all ammo. 1 million in game money and 5 of each legendary weapon.

    Teaming is not only allowed but encouraged HOWEVER the person who submits the answers will be given "Credit" so make a "spokesperson" for your group beforehand and arrange how you will split the prizes. all answers will be in screenshot form, meaning dont message me saying "the answer is prison" give me a screenshot of the prison.

    some of these are hard enough that it will stump you all for a while.something i saw people do in my last event was "trade" info. each group knew something the other didnt- you have to give to get!

    prepare your teams! you will want people who know the map and who know the walking dead (show not comics) when you find everything message me on forums or discord (general2673#2460) and ill dm you back with the next level. you can choose to "open source it" if you want but that'll only put your team at a disadvantage. happy hunting :)
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  2. general2673

    general2673 Helper

    Nov 12, 2017
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    1st place-
    2nd place-
    3rd place-
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