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New Profile Posts

  1. JT900
    Dank memes can't melt steel dreams
  2. Dr_lolig
    Who ever hears minecraft music and don`t get tears in his/her eyes is not a real minecrafter
  3. scubadiverkitty1
  4. SirButteralotIII
    SirButteralotIII scubadiverkitty1
    why are you not following me?
  5. Dr_lolig
    Soon helper?
  6. Verbramd_
    HavocMC Beta Tester
  7. JT900
    EDM and lofi are the best music genres. Change my mind.
  8. Kyritic
    Really excited for Hytale!
  9. DesmondMiller
    Hey I live once again.
  10. _Twitchii_
    Oh boyo, time for me to casually exist in yet another realm...
  11. DinoDerp_
  12. mindblaster007
    1. SocialStalks likes this.
    2. SocialStalks
      Hey boo!!!!
      Dec 17, 2018
  13. Flirtin
  14. SirButteralotIII
    SirButteralotIII curiousgeorge341
    now it was 3 days ago
  15. Draw4
    Draw4 xxJuliana
    You don’t hate me, you post “ILY2 TACO BB” on my profile. Soo here’s another L :)
  16. Draw4
    Draw4 Cat_Squirrel_Inc
    How you have so many likes than me. (thot)
    1. Cat_Squirrel_Inc
      Probably because I've been here longer than you, people know who I am, and I've held positions of power/benefit on the server... And please no thottery on my profile, thanks <3
      Dec 14, 2018
  17. Draw4
    Draw4 KatieTheLoser
    I’m the biggest loser here, change name or ban. (no ban but I wont like your posts, if they’re good)
  18. KatieTheLoser
    Clinically insane and sarcastic. :D
  19. LFussy
  20. SirButteralotIII
    SirButteralotIII JBentley694
    Okay I hate to ruin it for you but in your signature with that Henry Ford quote and coming together. Seems a little backward because he hated Jews lol. Other than that though he was a pretty solid guy who is still affecting the modern world!
    1. JBentley694
      Maybe, he also abandoned his relationship with his son and beat his wife constantly throughout their marriage but as you said he was a solid guy who built something out of nothing and always did his employees and workers right and for that I idolized him and Howard Hughes and many others through my life and I wish we still had people like them in this crazy world.
      Dec 11, 2018
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