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Here we track all the changes on HavocMC:


• Buffed Katana

• Decreased non scoped golden barrett accuracy



• Recoded Hub NPCs to reduce lag and server load + fix bugs



• Changed painkillers on OP to not depend on server lag. Since the old style TMD tended to have more constant lag, painkillers could be used less. With less people on OP, it is lagging less than it used to, and painkillers can be used more frequently. This should make painkillers be more similar to how they used to be, hopefully.



• Re-nerfed Golden Barrett .50 Cal - I think it should be good now



• Doubled the head shot damage of the Golden Barrett .50 Cal. It is now like how it was a year ago

• Added 3x knockback to the Barrett, just like it used to have



• Added levers to list of non-updating blocks in order to fix the glitch where the prison level would be broken



• Attempted nerf on Painkillers as there have been complaints of people being able to tank too much. We'll see the results and adjust accordingly



• Added Changelog

• Improved new backpack creation to prevent glitches with new backpacks wiping

• Fixed a dupe glitch with backpacks

• Switched to new proxy system to hopefully prevent as many crashes & connection issues

• Fixed a glitch with teams where you could join teams after being kicked

• Fixed a glitch with teams that caused pvp between allied teams possible in specific circumstances

• Made team chat clearly shown to staff members. You will rarely be punished for team chat, but if people discuss glitches and such, it's good to know

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