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by Jacobg1998 at 5:14 AM
(5,484 Views / 10 Likes)
Hey guys, today I have a few updates regarding the upcoming Seasons addition to The Mining Dead. Based on the poll many of you completed, we have decided to switch the reset to being a full items reset. This will include the entirety of Standard Vaults.

In addition to this change, we have also heard feedback about other aspects of the Seasons update and are making some balancing changes to address them. First things first, we have Infinite Money. For the initial release of the Seasons update, we are going to add a cap of 100k a day for Infinite Money. This may be changed to some sort of “stock” system in the future, but for now we feel that re-implementing the cap is the best option.

Finally, based off some concerns we’ve heard about boosting, we are going to implement a system to prevent this. Once you kill a player 5 times in a day, you will no longer be able to earn score for killing them.

Unfortunately, implementing and testing these changes will take a few extra days, so...
by Jacobg1998 at 4:03 PM
(5,385 Views / 7 Likes)
As of late, we have seen several people suggesting that instead of allowing players to save some items in their Standard Vaults, a lot of people would prefer a full reset of all items including those in Standard Vaults. Because of this, we have decided to make a poll getting the full communities opinion.

If you are interested, you can complete the poll by clicking here.
by Jacobg1998 at 2:05 PM
(6,445 Views / 10 Likes)
Unfortunately, to start out this post I have some bad news for Mine Wars fans. After evaluating the resources we have available we decided to delay the Mine Wars 2.0 update. For the time being, we feel it would be more beneficial for the server to focus on consistent updates to TMD and Hell Night.

TMD Seasonal Contests
We are excited to announce the addition of Seasons to The Mining Dead! During each Season, players will compete on The Mining Dead Servers to build up there score and rank near the top to earn awesome prizes! Each Season will last approximately 3 Months. The Seasons update will be released on August 17th.

Throughout each Season players will build up their score by killing players, killing zombies, and completing Daily Challenges. The exact values for each of these is listed below.
  • Killing a Player: 100 Score
    • Each piece of Leather Armor being worn by the killed player will add 25 Score
    • Each piece...
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