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by KyronicGaming at 5:09 PM
(3,982 Views / 13 Likes)
Hey all,

TMD Update

We have some very exciting news for TMD. This update is mainly a revamp update. Every location has been given an update in one way or another and season 9 locations have also been added (including the infamous pike scene) The prison got an update, the also sanctuary got relocated, and finally, any building that was empty you can now access it. Some areas did get remodelled completely, however.

The changed locations are as follows:

Vatos - New
Greenbrier - New
Whisper Camp - New
Season 9 Pikes - New
Carnival - New
Whitefox - New
Curbstone - New
Telltale season 2 Cabin - New
Whisperer Bridge - New
Newnan High (Otis Death) - New
Glenn and Maggie season 4 Tunnel - New
Savior BBQ outpost - New
Terminus - Relocated
Sanctuary - Relocated
Satellite Outpost - Relocated
Griffin - Revamp
Gabriels Church - Relocated
Big spot - Revamp
Vault 99 - Revamp
Gils Truckstop - Relocated
MallowBridge Sz - Updated
Berx Sz - Updated
Brooks Sz - Updated
Visk Sz -...
by Kendrq at 9:23 PM
(7,844 Views / 5 Likes)
Hello Everyone!

I'd like to start this off by saying that I know other people have created posts similar to this one and they haven't had much direct impact on the game. However, we are currently focusing on gathering a list of bugs in TMD so that we can fix them and improve your guys' experience here on HavocMC. That being said, I'm asking that if you are aware of any bugs in the game to please report them here in a respectful manner.

When reporting, please keep the following in mind. Give specifics/details about the bug(s) you're reporting, report with evidence if possible (i.e. images or videos), and try to use proper grammar and coherent sentences so that we have a solid chance to understand and fix the issue.

We're aware of bugs such as bikes not being able to be picked up, lag on TMDC, the team glitch, and door glitches. Thank you to those who reported them.

Most importantly, keep this thread respectful and on topic. Any posts that are deemed disrespectful...
by KyronicGaming at 9:41 AM
(11,110 Views / 6 Likes)
Hey all,

I am getting together a list of suggestions from roleplayers and those who like realism on the PVE/PVP server. If you have any suggestions leave them down below. These suggestions will not affect TMDC

Also, you may have noticed I have been less active than usual, college just got really hectic but It should be calming down now. Thanks for your patience.

Have a great day!
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