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TMD Resource Pack
Our latest TMD update will be released in two days! Because of the six brand new camos being introduced in this update, all 1.9+ users will have to download the new resource pack. If you wish to get a head start you can download the latest resource pack ahead of time here.

In honor of the TMD update as well as the Walking Dead TV show returning later this month, we will be having a sale on all TMD related products in the shop. Head over the our shop to receive 50% off ranks and 33% off all TMD crates, kits, camos, money and more.
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The Mining Dead Update

I am excited to be announcing that our new Mining Dead update will be released next week on February 9th! This update will include a variety of exciting new additions including Tier 5 guns, three new Safezones, six brand new camos, and over 30 new or updated locations around the map! Be sure to login next Friday to check out all the new additions for yourself!

Twitter Giveaway

We are giving away each of the new Tier 5 Guns to three lucky winners on our Twitter. To enter simply go to our twitter, and follow the easy instructions. Good luck!

Youtube Rank Changes
We have decided to make some adjustments to our Youtube Rank and the requirements content creators need to achieve it. There will now be three different tiers of the Youtube Rank that can be earned by having different amounts of subscribers.
  • The first tier of the rank will be for anyone with at least 1,000 subscribers and will have the equivalent...
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Hi all,

To start, thank you for your continued support of HavocMC, we really appreciate it. Below is an updated link for Tier 5 gun giveaway before the release of the update. There will be 3 winners, so be sure to enter! To enter simply go to our twitter, and follow the easy instructions. We hope you enjoy these giveaways, and you may feel free to post suggestions for future giveaways below. Please be sure to keep these items within reason.


Thank you,

- Peach & The Team
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