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by Jacobg1998 at 2:05 PM
(4,492 Views / 10 Likes)
Unfortunately, to start out this post I have some bad news for Mine Wars fans. After evaluating the resources we have available we decided to delay the Mine Wars 2.0 update. For the time being, we feel it would be more beneficial for the server to focus on consistent updates to TMD and Hell Night.

TMD Seasonal Contests
We are excited to announce the addition of Seasons to The Mining Dead! During each Season, players will compete on The Mining Dead Servers to build up there score and rank near the top to earn awesome prizes! Each Season will last approximately 3 Months. The Seasons update will be released on August 17th.

Throughout each Season players will build up their score by killing players, killing zombies, and completing Daily Challenges. The exact values for each of these is listed below.
  • Killing a Player: 100 Score
    • Each piece of Leather Armor being worn by the killed player will add 25 Score
    • Each piece...
by Jacobg1998 at 2:57 PM
(1,133 Views / 7 Likes)
All servers are now online except Mine Wars, which is currently being worked on. (Still no noticeable updates).

Hey everyone. As you have probably noticed, you cannot connect to the server at the moment. This is nothing to be concerned about, as we are just doing some maintenance on the servers.

This should take more than a couple of hours and is just about improving performance. No noticeable updates will be released with this maintenance.

Thank you for your patience.
by Jacobg1998 at 11:05 PM
(3,464 Views / 17 Likes)
Hello everyone, today I am excited to bring you an update about our plans for the server over this summer.

The Mining Dead
Our first significant update of the summer will be a major server rebrand. While many of our gamemodes have been popular with certain groups of players, The Mining Dead has clearly been the most popular throughout the entirety of server’s lifespan, and we feel that shifting the network’s focus to it and its spinoff gamemodes is the best option to build a thriving network around. Beginning in early July, we will release an update shifting the branding of the server to a Mining Dead theme. This will include a Mining Dead themed hub, an updated Mining Dead themed website, and a more central focus on the ip.

Shortly after these changes are made, we will begin doing heavy advertising via Youtubers, Server Sites, and Social Media. We believe with a strong Mining Dead brand we will be able to stand out in comparison to all the other generic...
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