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by Challenge_ at 12:13 AM
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While we gather info on the possible PVP server changes, ( ) Ive started collecting info for roleplayers and PVE. Let us know what you want changed or added!
by Challenge_ at 4:10 PM
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Sup guys. So... as yalls new Community Manager my goal is to be a mouthpiece between both staff and players. I’m aware there’s a lack of transparency going both ways I hope to change this.

Recently, I’ve been made aware a very large change that was being kept silent - but I’ve been given permission to ask yalls opinions. Cus this seems pretty big to just do. I have pulled together a few ideas and I would like to see which y’all prefer.

Plan A: The devs are planning on removing TMDC. In turn, TMDPVP will attempt to maintain a balance between realism and competitive PVP. I know how difficult this will be, and as someone who enjoys low-loot pvp, this irked me and encouraged me to make this poll. Here are other options.

Plan B: Revamp both TMDC and TMDPVP to further split their metas and make them obviously different. I need you guys to tell me what you would suggest. Perhaps PVP would have less loot to become more challenging and C would be more OP. I want your voices...
by KyronicGaming at 5:09 PM
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Hey all,

TMD Update

We have some very exciting news for TMD. This update is mainly a revamp update. Every location has been given an update in one way or another and season 9 locations have also been added (including the infamous pike scene) The prison got an update, the also sanctuary got relocated, and finally, any building that was empty you can now access it. Some areas did get remodelled completely, however.

The changed locations are as follows:

Vatos - New
Greenbrier - New
Whisper Camp - New
Season 9 Pikes - New
Carnival - New
Whitefox - New
Curbstone - New
Telltale season 2 Cabin - New
Whisperer Bridge - New
Newnan High (Otis Death) - New
Glenn and Maggie season 4 Tunnel - New
Savior BBQ outpost - New
Terminus - Relocated
Sanctuary - Relocated
Satellite Outpost - Relocated
Griffin - Revamp
Gabriels Church - Relocated
Big spot - Revamp
Vault 99 - Revamp
Gils Truckstop - Relocated
MallowBridge Sz - Updated
Berx Sz - Updated
Brooks Sz - Updated
Visk Sz -...
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