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by JBentley694 at 4:15 PM
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(Savannah GA.)

Hello everyone!


First off we would like to thank all of you who have given us great feedback on these newsletters. At first we didn't know if these would help the staff and community relationship but so far they have helped bridge the gap that was felt for so long. Also thanks...
by Jacobg1998 at 7:49 AM
(2,634 Views / 16 Likes)
Hello everyone,

Today I am glad to announce our newest Mining Dead variant gamemode, TMD Classic, as well as PVP changes that will take place on the standard Mining Dead servers with the EULA update.

The Mining Dead Classic
Let's start with TMD Classic. TMD Classic will be a PVP based gamemode using the original TMD PVP mechanics, similar to the old TMD Practice server. Players will spawn in a lobby where they can open crates, store items, and purchase items from an NPC shop, before entering the pvp map, which will be the original 1.7 Atlanta. Players will earn money from getting kills and from crates, which will be rewarded as a daily login bonus. Our goal is to release this gamemode with the EULA update, however due to time constraints it may be released a bit later. Regardless, you can expect to see this gamemode next month.

PVP Changes
With the release of TMD Classic, we significant changes to the PVP system on the...
by Jacobg1998 at 9:42 PM
(5,171 Views / 15 Likes)
Hello everyone,

Today I have a few announcements in regards to our future plans for HavocMC. We were recently contacted by Mojang in regards to the Minecraft EULA and will have to make significant changes to both the server shop and the server as a whole in order to meet Mojang's requirements.

We will be announcing all the specifics to these changes through out the month, but for now all players should know that nothing that is currently in the shop will be available beyond May 13th (aside from TMD Camo Crates & Mine Wars cosmetics.) This includes all of the current Crates and Ranks.

Once the EULA Update is released on May 13th, all the current shop items will be replaced with new EULA compliant shop items, including new ranks with cosmetic perks. Keep in mind, any players who have any perks before the update will keep these perks. For example, if you currently have Mythical, you will never lose the perks you currently have. Players with rank...
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