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by Challenge_ at 1:59 AM
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Some updates have just been deployed to TMD.

Auto Nerfs & More!
- When selling items back to the NPC shops, you now get 3x the money. Plus, ammo is now half the cost.
- Walkers will now drop twice the money.
- On the topic of EXP, Leveling is now much less exponential, and leveling will be easier. At higher levels, leveling has become almost unobtainable, so this will lower that ceiling a bit. This was already announced, but I’m reiterating it here.

New Devs!
- Welcome Nuno1212s and Nahu to the team!

Voting Changes - Slot Machines!
- The Voting System on TMD is getting revamped! It will now be a slot system to match Towny, and will hopefully be more interesting than getting a can of soup and an M9. Voting Crates have been removed.

by JBentley694 at 9:20 PM
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Attention All!

We are looking for some players who are interested in being part of our great build team.

We have some great things coming to The Mining Dead and to get ready for our projects latest release we are looking for some builders to help get things ready.

To be a part of our team all applicants must
- Be great with detail work
-Have good skills in interior build work and decorating
-Be willing to work within a team and act as a team player
-Follow term and rules set by higher staff members
-Be able to display a positive connection with the community

Remember if you are accepted you will represent our server as a fellow staff team member and be serious with your commitments.

You Can submit and application here...
by Challenge_ at 9:27 PM
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Map Update is now live!
Come check out new locations:
- Hershel Farm revamp
- Oceanside docks
- Oceanside Beach
- Cruise ship community
- Ericson Academy
- A few season 7 locations added
- Season 9 locations (Daryl V. Beta Building)
- Season 10 updates to Alexandria, Hilltop
- Camp Kiki Wakata
- Shane and Otis Fema school
- Submarine community
- Absolutely no new easter eggs. Nope.


Also, for all of you who have been suggesting new roleplay mechanics... ;)
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