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by PeachDAboss at 10:03 PM
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Hello HavocMC,

It is my pleasure to announce a Staff Hiring Day! We hope you all had a Fantastic Christmas and even better New Years! As an effort to roll into a positive New Year, we will be holding a Staff hiring day. This event will be a one day event, held on January 6th. We will be offering an interview to any user interested in becoming staff! You will not need to apply beforehand, just show up and interview! This is an effort to fix the ever-growing need for more staff members. Please read below for more important details about this great event! You must post below if you're interested in participating, therefore we can assign you a time for your interview!​

Where and When?

The event will be held on January 6th, from 1PM to 3PM EST. If you're in China or Australia/New Zealand please send a message to a Sr.Mod beforehand to schedule a time that works for you. The event will...
by Jacobg1998 at 4:17 AM
(1,490 Views / 10 Likes)
New Voting System
We are excited to announce our new voting system! For every vote, players will now receive a Vote Token. Vote Tokens can be used to purchase Crates or Supply Drops from the Vote NPC, which can be found at the spawn or at safezones. Opening Voting Crates on Mine Wars and Havoc Horizons will also use your Vote Tokens.

Supply Drops
Supply Drops can be called in anywhere in the map beside areas near safezones through the command /supplydrops. There are three tiers of supply drops, Basic, Elite, and Juggernaut. Basic Supply Drops have a variety of weapons, ammo, and other items. Elite Supply Drops are similar to Basic Supply Drops, but guarantee one Legendary Weapon and one piece of Juggernaut Armor. Juggernaut Supply Drops, guarantee full Juggernaut Armor and three Legendary Weapons.

TMD Map Maker Contest
I am pleased to announce the winners of our latest Map Maker Contest.
by BenGermann at 9:53 PM
(3,500 Views / 3 Likes)
Hello everyone. Please read this thread carefully before replying and/or polling.

Over the course of TMD’s run the PVP system has remained largely unchanged over the years, with a couple changes/attempted changes here an there. For a long while we have felt like the current PVP system, which is based essentially on how fast you can spam painkillers, is unfair to new players, is stale and boring, and can be exploited far too easily. Lately, it seems like a lot of players have been sharing the same or at least similar opinion as us, which is why I’m now making this thread.

We are proposing to overhaul the current PVP system so it’s more fun, so that battles are more intense, so that new players can have a fair chance, and so that in general the system can’t be exploited like the current one.

Current PVP System:
-Gun damages are quite high to offset the painkiller spamming aspect.
-A cap of 12 painkillers can be used per second.
-The combat boils down to how fast you can...
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