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by IgnitingIce at 2:02 AM
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Vehicles are Back!

Cars have come back to The Mining Dead! We know this has been long awaited by many and we thank you for your patience. These vehicles spawn in certain loot chests around that map so keep an eye out for cars / motorcycles wherever you go! Vehicles may also be purchased on our shop in the form of crates, giving 3 vehicles per crate. Cars can hold 4 people each while motorcycles can hold 2 people each. We're looking to add more vehicles and features to these vehicles in the future, so keep an eye out for that!


Some minor bugfixes were also conducted, the main one fixing a bug where when a player had a locally downloaded version of the server resource pack on and went to the hub they would time out when the hub tried to clear their pack. The Time-out would also occur when the player connected to a TMD server and chose downloaded pack as their resource pack option. we hope this helps anyone who...
by _Nickk at 6:49 PM
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Hello everyone, today we have upgraded to our new website! Don't worry though, The Mining Dead isn't going anywhere! It is now one of our gamemodes under one big network, called HavocMC. All of your ranks, items, stats, etc are transferred. The reason we did this is so we could expand past The Mining Dead gamemode. With the name HavocMC, we can add more stuff, such as Mine Wars, and another gamemode we added today, Banner Wars!

If you have any questions relating to the network rebranding, click here.

We have also updated cosmetics! A news post will be coming soon.

What is Banner Wars?


Banner Wars is a game mode consisting of 4 teams. Each team has up to 10 players, and they all spawn on the team's base, which is usually some sort of floating island. Each team has a banner at their base.

The goal of the game is to be the last team with a...
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