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by _Nickk at 9:02 PM
(82,877 Views / 21 Likes)
Please read the entire thread before replying or talking about it in general. First off, due to the amazing work and dedication from our Builders and Head Builders, we are a large majority of the way done with a new map. It is 7,500x7,500, and has every location from the show. It's been in the works for almost half a year, and we are planning to release it late December! I have some quick screenshots at the bottom, but there is no way to show the quality of the map, and the shear amount of content. Atlanta itself is 2,000 x 1,000! We also have a lot of planned Mining Dead Updates, as shown below.

Planned TMD Updates:
- New Spawn
- Better Tutorial
- Throwable Spears + Knives
- Flare Guns + Maybe More Guns
- Riot Shield
- Car Parts & Keys?
- New Kits
- Jesus
- Aaron
- Ezekiel (With a tiger)
- Default Kits Reworked
- More Warps
- When you die, if it wasn't a headshot, a corpse spawns. If that corpse isn't killed, it turns into a zombie.
- Team Fixes
- Rotating...
by Jacobg1998 at 3:55 PM
(3,091 Views / 4 Likes)

House House Contest

I'd like to start off by thanking everyone who participated in our Haunted House Building Contest. With so many great submissions, it was almost impossible to narrow it down to our top ten favorites. That being said, there were a few maps that stood out among the rest. Without further ado, here are the winners.

1st Place: Happy-Halloween by NotARndm
2nd Place: HauntedHouseByZero by Zero_105
3rd Place: Minebyhitthebrick by Hitthebrick
4th Place: Hauntedmeme by by Sharp717
5th Place: HauntedMansion by DaReff
6th Place: CaravanMansion by ApesNotMonkeyz
7th Place: HauntedHouse666 by sven_svenou
8th Place: yanderestatue by kaeg_le_piegeur
9th Place: HalloweenHouse by SnowyKitty_
10th Place: YaBoiShiho by ShihoKimizuki

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, and be sure to check out all the winning maps with /map...
by IgnitingIce at 10:10 AM
(6,141 Views / 4 Likes)
Halloween Hub
Happy Halloween! We've updated our Hub to match the "Halloween Spirit." This hub will be active through the rest of October.

Contest Update

With one week left in the Haunted House Contest, you can now submit your maps! Simply type /submit while in your map.

Haunted House Building Contest

In addition to our spooky Hub update, we are glad to be announcing that we are hosting a contest from now (October 15th) until October 29th at 11:59 PM U.S Central Standard Time. The goal of the contest is to build the spookiest, best looking Haunted House on the Map Maker server (/server mm-1). In Map Maker, do /create to create a map on which to build. At the end of these two weeks, your builds will be judged and winners will be announced Sunday night. The prizes will be as follows:

1st Place: $100 Shop Voucher...
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