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by Valp at 1:53 AM
(3,148 Views / 14 Likes)
First and foremost we'd like to thank all of you for your patience as our builders work very hard to get this update out. We've also added plenty of buildings from the old map to give that nostalgia feel.

Practice Server
We've implemented a practice server where you can test all new changes before they're released. It's a small kit pvp type server that features a portion of Atlanta from the new map. Currently there are five kits accessible to everyone (/kit). You can enter the world via the safezone fence or you can random spawn with /random. There are many kill streaks with varying degrees of difficulty. Get anything from Riot Gear to a Golden Barrett .50 Cal . Join the server with /server TMDPRC-1 in-game. If you have any feedback regarding the changes please create a thread, we'd love to hear your suggestions! If you have any trouble loading the pack for the server you can download it here

As a reminder we've added a...
by BenGermann at 10:31 PM
(3,271 Views / 8 Likes)
Hello everyone. This post is just to inform you of the The Mining Dead update decision and announce the April voting rewards. So let’s get into it.

The Mining Dead Update
We have decided to merge TMD-1 and TMDO-1. This new TMD-1 will have all of the features you know and love including spammable pains. If you don’t love spammable pains, don’t worry - there will be servers for you to play on too! While the specifics of the servers are still being worked out, you can look forward to also playing on a TMD Realism server. This server will not include juggernaut armor or legendary guns. With the map coming along nicely, you should expect to see this update in the near future!

Because we will be getting rid of TMD-5, TMD-6, and TMD-7 and because TMDO-1 will be merging with TMD-1 we have implemented /saves. Please note that this command will clear your inventory when used. We do not have an ETA for the update so you should not use this command yet. This command will save...
by _Nickk at 5:37 PM
(5,838 Views / 9 Likes)
There is a big split in what people want us to do regarding the next TMD update. At the moment, our plan is to merge TMDOP into TMD. This means having spam painkillers in TMD, and also having jugg and everything like it used to be. We would have 4 TMD servers, and we would recommend TMD-2 & TMD-4 for new players.

We would also create a new single server, called TMD realism. It would be like normal TMD, except for no legendary weapons, no jugg, and no spam pains.

The player count would be higher on each server, having less of them. This would make it more interesting at non peak times. There would be big wars, and new players could have fairer fights. The people that want a more realistic Zombie Apocalypse experience have a place to play. I think everybody wins.

Please vote in the poll honestly, and make a comment explaining the reasoning for your vote, especially if you don't want a merge - I don't see why you wouldn't so I want to know.
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