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by Grocky at 8:04 PM
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Hello guys,
This is a quick announcement because I’m in need of Mine Wars builders to join our fantastic build team. We’re looking for players who can produce Star Wars themed Minecraft builds to a high-quality standard. If anybody would like to start practicing their building skills, they can do by typing /server Build-2 and then do /plot auto

Please bear in mind you must be running on 1.9-1.12 to get onto the Build server and download the Mine wars texture pack yourself.

Here is a link to apply for Builder
Here is a link to the Mine Wars texture pack.
by IgnitingIce at 5:12 AM
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Due to an unforeseen issue, the website database was rolled back 20 days. This means that any changes since the 2nd have been reverted (New posts, comments, tickets, applications, and user creations). If you had any active tickets or applications that were created since then they'll unfortunately need to be remade. Sorry for the inconvenience!
by IgnitingIce at 8:03 AM
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Voting Changes
It's a new month, and with this new month we bring new voting rewards! The entire vote reward system has been overhauled to make it more worthwhile for everyone with some pretty awesome rewards being added. The new reward structure is as follows:

Supply Drops are obtained every 10, 25, and 75 votes (these counters are not reset at the end of each month):
  • Every 10 votes - Basic Supply Drop (Tier 3 Gear)
  • Every 25 votes - Elite Supply Drop (Tier 4 Gear)
  • Every 75 votes - Juggernaut Supply Drop (Legendary Gear)

The bottom seven rewards are based upon your monthly votes and consist of:
  • 5 monthly votes - A Rare Crate
  • 25 monthly votes - A Godly Crate
  • 50 monthly votes - A Legendary Crate
  • 75 monthly votes - 10x Camo Cases
  • 100 monthly votes - One of each Legendary Weapon
  • 120 monthly votes - A full Juggernaut Armor Set
  • 140...
Special Deals

Mining Dead Ultimate Crate Pack