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by Jacobg1998 at 2:21 AM
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9:20 PM EST: The Mining Dead Update will begin within the hour. During the update, there will be some downtime. You can refer back to this post for updates throughout the night.

2:35 AM EST: We had some issues converting items, specifically backpacks. We are rolling back the servers and database, and fixing the conversion code. No items will be lost.
by Jacobg1998 at 12:11 AM
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A Note to all TMDOP Players

If you wish to save the items in your vaults, you will have to remove everything from your vaults and use /saves. There is no limit to the number of saves you can have, so don't worry about overwriting your old saves. If you do not do this by the time the update is released this weekend (hopefully late Sunday), your items will be gone forever. This is also applicable to the inventories of players on servers 5-7.

New Map

Brand new 6,000 by 6,000 map. all the towns and other locations are much closer together, leading to less travel time and more conflicts. The major skyscrapers in Atlanta have been reduced in size drastically and moved closer together, which should lead to fights similar to the classic Mining Dead Map.

New Features

Painkillers have been changed back to their spammable form on all normal Mining Dead Servers. To play without spammable painkillers, you can try out our new TMD Realism Server.

Gun Mechanics have been...
by Jacobg1998 at 3:44 AM
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The Mining Dead Update News

We have some exciting news for The Mining Dead this week. We finally have a release date for the long awaited update! The update will take place next weekend, which means that this week will be the last chance to do /saves to save your items on TMD-5 - 7 and TMDOP. Next Friday, we will have a full list of everything changed in the update. For now, check out VC's epic cinematic trailer of the new map to hold you over.

May Voting
This week concluded our May Voting Contest. Congratulations to all the winners listed below.

1st Place: NS_Evolution - Reward: $100 Shop Voucher
2nd Place: matheuscaiafa - Reward: $75 Shop Voucher
3rd Place: seuboi - Reward: $50 Shop Voucher
4th Place: KingofPots - Reward: $25 Shop Voucher
5th Place: Exotic_Joctopus2 - Reward: $15 Shop Voucher
6th Place: SlotBar - Reward: $10 Shop Voucher
7th Place: Kendra707 - Reward: $10 Shop Voucher
8th Place: Litiare - Reward: $10...
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