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by _Nickk at 5:34 PM
(1,611 Views / 8 Likes)
It's great to see people enjoying the server and making videos. We have a Youtube rank we award to people who commonly make videos, as a way of recognizing them. We do, however, have requirements for this rank. In order to get Youtuber Rank, you need an average of 1,000 views per video on the server. Along with the tag, we give donator ranks to Youtubers. Your subscriber count will determine the donator rank we give you.

2,500 Subs = VIP
5,000 Subs = Champion
10,000 Subs = Legend
20,000 Subs = Titan

If you qualify, you can comment below with your channel name. Do not comment if you are not applying, or your forum account could be warned / banned.
by Jacobg1998 at 3:32 AM
(3,695 Views / 13 Likes)
Rank Changes
Hey everybody! As many of you have likely already noticed, ranks have been updated server wide. Now I'd like to start of by saying, nobody lost any perks. In fact, anyone who previously had a rank has either gained perks or received free crates. For a full list of the rank changes, see below.
  • VIP stays as VIP, but now have extra vault space on TMD.
  • Elite and Hardcore combine into Champion. Champion will have all the same perks as Hardcore had, and will receive slightly more vault space on TMD. Also, anyone who was already a Hardcore previous to the changes will receive the equivalent of the Elite to Hardcore Upgrade cost in Legendary Crates, aka one legendary crate.
  • Ultra and God combine into...
by Jacobg1998 at 6:32 AM
(1,366 Views / 16 Likes)
Today marks the start of a new month, and we have several major updates on the horizon! First off, a new month means a new voting contest. The only difference is that this month all prizes are doubled! Yep, that's right, top prize for February is a $200 shop voucher! Also, for this month only, everyone will receive double voting crates. That means you can get 10 voting crates daily! So what are you waiting for? Get voting by typing /vote in game.

Hell Night Contest

There are only nine days left in the qualifying period for our Hell Night Contest. That means you only have nine more days to rack up as many wins as possible to make sure you qualify for the $100 cash prize. Not to fear, the lowest qualifiers currently have 7 wins, so even if you haven't played any Hell Night thus far, you can...
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