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by _Nickk at 8:30 PM
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After years of requests, we've finally added bases! Bases are areas in the map that you can claim using money and resources. They provide item storage, farmland, and even item generation through each bases' armory and gunsmith. You can upgrade your bases as well to improve productivity. Bases can be raided on PVP servers but not PVE servers. Bases are heavily inspired by Rust and other factions type servers - they should add some nice variety in game play.

I already outlined everything you need to know about bases in a guide here. It goes over everything from resource gathering and land claiming to item generation and raiding techniques, so make sure to read it if you haven't.

When claiming land for a base, you are given the choice between different base options. These options are purely cosmetic - all 7 are listed below with screenshots. Note that...
by JewishBagel at 3:20 PM
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Hello Everyone!

Today we announce the newest addition to Havoc -- Towny Earth!

Towny Earth contains a ton of new features and improvements from Towny. The goal of Towny Earth is to shift the economy to be player-run, to create a stronger community that encourages trading between players. All the information about Towny Earth is below!

Map Changes
Towny Earth uses a 1:1000 scale map of the Earth for you to explore and build your town on. Using the link here, you can find exactly where you are on the map.


Player positions, towns and claimed regions will also show up on the map!

The map of the Earth has limited structures and resources available. To give everyone a fair chance at finding all the resource they may need, there is a separate resource world available. You can find it using the /warp menu.

Economy Changes
The economy is now fully...
by Jacobg1998 at 1:11 AM
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Update time! Our latest TMD update will be going live soon brings a ton of awesome changes to guns designed to making shooting things a whole lot more fun! These changes are currently live on Warzone if you want to test them out. Check out the changelog below if you want to get into the specifics.

- New and improved recoil system, including both physical recoil and a slight crosshair offset. This adds a more skill-based component to PVP and makes the guns feel a lot more powerful!
- Updated zoomed views and gunshot sounds
- Some guns now have unique crosshairs when you zoom!
- New control scheme. Zooming is now exclusively done through crouching. (If you are a bit old fashion, you can change back to the old control scheme through /controls)
- Bullets now use raytracing, which will decrease the entity count and make the whole server less laggy
- Collaterals! Kill 2 zombies with 1 bullet
- Bullets can now go through fences, glass etc.
- The glorious...
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